3 Benefits of Electronic Dab Rigs

on June 01, 2020

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You have heard of desktop vaporizers and dab pens, but have you ever heard of e-rigs? If you don’t know what they are, e-nails (electronic nails) are a type of dab rig that you would use to dab your favorite extracts, from rosin to CBD crumble. Let’s get you more acquainted with the e-nail:


1. Portable E-Rigs are Electronically-Powered

Unlike traditional dab rigs, e-rigs do not require any external heating of your nail. Standard dab rigs require you to use a torch to heat up the nail, while e-rigs give you the ability to heat your nail electronically at the touch of the button. 


Because the e-rig is battery-powered with pre-designed heat settings, it is beneficial for the user safety-wise. You also avoid the risk of overheating your nail, which can cause it to crack or shatter, especially if it isn't heated evenly.


2. E-Rigs are Portable

If you have ever vaped in a group before, you have most likely experienced a situation where a notoriously clumsy friend dropped the device breaking it. Fortunately, portable e-nails are easy to handle with their compact designs and user-friendly settings.  


3. E-Rigs Perform more Efficiently 

One of the biggest gripes about standard dab rigs is that after a few puffs, you will have to reheat the nail without the ability to maintain the perfect nail temperature every time. This process also requires constant constant usage of your torch with more butane wasted every time. 


Fortunately, many e-rigs can re-heat at the touch of a button and reach temps consistently with less energy required. Because the temperatures can be controlled electronically, it will be ready for the next dab almost instantly. No torch or butane needed!



If you have been using traditional dab rigs to smoke with friends and family, or even alone, consider upgrading to an e-rig. easier to do than ever thanks to the advantages of e-rigs. In summary, e-rigs will stay hot for longer periods, are easier to pass from one person to another, and take the guesswork out of heating the nail. All of these benefits work hand in hand to provide you with the best smoking experience. So, if you do not have a portable e-nail with you yet, consider investing in one!


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