3 Common Mistakes That Hamper Your 420 Vape Sessions

on August 28, 2020

3 common mistakes that hamper your 420 Vape Sessions

With California’s cannabis industry booming, it’s clear that there’s no better time to start enjoying the benefits of marijuana and CBD than today. This is especially true if you plan to enjoy its benefits with a dry herb vaporizer.


The dry herb vaporizer market today is packed with an over-abundance of different options that are set at varying price ranges to suit all needs and preferences. Despite the full-fledged variety that defines today’s vaporizer scene, all options are susceptible to one problem that can hamper any experience: Common vaping mistakes.


Although the experience with modern vaporizers is generally enjoyable, most enthusiasts run into common problems that can dampen the quality of vapor they get. Issues like non-existent taste, burnt or overcooked material, no vapor, or excessively-hot steam are all common issues that can pop up in one way or another and negatively affect your toke sessions.

Fortunately, the solution is found in the simple process of getting familiar with the common mistakes you can make when vaping dry herbs or concentrates and preventing or avoiding them as much as possible. Whether you’re working with dry herbs, cannabis concentrates (or wax), or special concentrates, there are familiar fumbles that you can avoid and remedy so that you can keep the quality of your experience intact.

Common Cannabis Vaping Mistakes You Should Avoid 

If you’re looking to have amazing vaping experiences but are running into frequent issues which are cutting your session short, here are three common problems you may be facing:

Mistake #1: Sub-Optimal Temperatures

One of the most common reasons vapers who use dry herb vaporizers run into poor experiences is that they’ve vaping at a temperature that’s either too high or low.

Vaping at the wrong temperature will always lead to subpar experiences. If you vape at a temperature that’s too low, you’ll end up with weak vapor. On the other hand, if you do it at a temperature that’s too high, you’ll have some rough hits that leave a bad taste in your mouth.

The only way you can genuinely avoid this problem is to experiment with your source and device settings. With a few tests, you’ll be able to learn which settings on the device work best with a type of herb or strain so that you can achieve optimal burns that aren’t too high or low!

Mistake #2: Un-Maintained Vaporizers

Similar to cars and offices, vaporizers rely on thorough cleanliness and maintenance to achieve optimal performance for high-quality experiences, meaning that you’ll need to clean your tool often.

If you find yourself running into bad tastes, burnt product, or excessive heating during your dry herb and wax vaping sessions even if your settings are correct, your chamber or coils might need a thorough cleaning. The most optimal cleaning frequency is every week or two –  a process that should include full disassembly, thorough wiping, excess material removal, and a detailed final clean!

By the time you start cleaning your dry herb vape more often and thoroughly, you’ll be able to ensure better vaping experiences and higher-quality hits one weekly half-hour session at a time!

Mistake #3: Improper Packing

When it comes to poor vaping experiences with dry herb vaporizers, one fumble that many beginners make is that they overpack or under pack the chambers on their vapes.

Like the temperature problem mentioned above, an improper packing problem requires experimentations with the vaporizer itself and the herb you’re using. Once you figure out which ratios or servings work best, you’ll be able to make sure that each session is supplemented with an adequate pack that yields the best results and experience possible!


While they may be straightforward, dry herb and wax vaporizers are still susceptible to disappointing vaping experiences if common problems during use aren’t avoided. By taking the time to avoid the three mistakes mentioned above as much as possible, you’ll be able to ensure that you won’t have a weak herb vaping session ever again!

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