3 Practical Tips to Extend your Vape Battery's Lifespan

on June 08, 2020

vape pen

With a growing number of people taking up vaping for many reasons, it comes as no surprise to see many people looking online for guidance. 


If you are reading this, then you are probably looking to learn how you can ensure that you get the most usage out of your vape's batteries. After all, nothing is more disappointing than a dead vape with a cartridge or chamber full of product.


So, let us cut to the chase. Here are a few practical tips so that you can extend the battery life of your vape.


1. Turn off the device when not in use 

Leaving your device on when you are not using it is a surefire way to drain your battery quickly. Even if it is in sleep mode, there will still be some electrical current running throughout the system, draining the battery, albeit at a slower pace. For this reason, whenever you are not using your device, power it off completely.


While this habit can take time to get used to, it is always a smart one. Soon, you will find yourself spending less time recharging your vape devices and more time vaping.


2. Keep a Second Set of Batteries 

If you vape a lot, which can make recharging a frequent necessity, then purchasing a second set of 510 thread or 18350 batteries can be an excellent investment. That way, you can easily swap out the dead batteries for new ones. This lets you continually enjoy vaping while the old ones are still charging.


However, do note that there are a few things you must keep in mind if you are going to use two or more sets of batteries. First, you should always use the batteries equally. If you store the battery for too long without using it, then its lifespan will shorten. This will effectively kill it if it goes on for too long. Second, an idle battery will not be able to power your device as effectively as one that is frequently used, hurting your vaping experience.


3. Store the Batteries Properly 

If you have gotten yourself multiple batteries for your device, it pays to have them stored properly when not in use. Just like how you would store extracts, bud, or cartridges, you must store the batteries in the right conditions to maximize their lifespan. 


To store them properly, keep them in a cool and dry place. Storing them in a warm or hot environment can also shorten the lifespan of the battery. 



To summarize, ensure that your battery lasts for as long as possible by storing them in the right conditions and turning off the device when not in use. Also, purchasing a second set of batteries will allow you to vape while the other set is charging. With these tips in mind, you will be able to vape all day without the worry of placing a dead device in your mouth.


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