4 Benefits of Vaping Cannabis for Anxiety Relief

on May 25, 2020

4 benefits of vaping cannabis for anxiety relief

Vaping has become one of the hottest trends as of late for good reason. One of the most common reasons is that vaping cannabis is an amazing way to tap into the medicinal and wellness benefits of CBD and THC without having to inhale any smoke combustion. With the rise of cannabis education and legalization, more and more health conscious people are tossing their pill bottles and turning to vaping marijuana and CBD to improve their mental health.


As society gets busier with new issues arising daily, anxiety tends to increase for many people as well. If you often experience feelings of tension and overwhelming thoughts, perhaps you’ve considered picking up vaping as well. Here are our four top benefits of vaping cannabis for anxiety relief:


1. Vaping Cannabis Improves Sleep Quality

Those who suffer from anxiety feel that their symptoms come into play at different hours of the day. For many, anxiety tends to increase as the day goes on. This can be extremely disruptive to sleep quality. Because sleep takes a hit, the problem exacerbates and affects all aspects of your life. Fortunately, vaping indica-heavy strains and CBD are known to help reduce stress and help one feel more relaxed, all of which allow you to enjoy a better night's rest.


In other words, not only do users get to enjoy a good night's sleep, but the improvement in sleep promotes a better overall mental healthy and quality of life.


2. Vaping Isn’t as Damaging as Smoking Weed 

If you're looking to ease your anxiety in the most natural way possible, vaping marijuana and CBD can be the perfect solution for you. Even if you aren’t a smoker, to begin with, choosing vaping over smoking means that you are avoiding the dangers that come with combustion, which can lead to long-term damage to your lungs. The last thing you want is to incorporate smoke combustion into your daily anxiety-relief regimen. 


While there are unregulated blackmarket vape cartridges that may contain dangerous substances such as Vitamin E Acetate, as long as your products are purchased from a licensed dispensary, you will be able to vape safely.


3. Vaping Effects Kick in Quickly 

One of the best things about vaping is that the effects kick in quite quickly. This is because the vapor that contains the THC and CBD are much more easily absorbed into your body, meaning that you get an almost immediate effect when you take a drag from a joint or a water pipe. Incorporating vaping into your daily routine can be a good way to reduce and relieve your mental tension instantly!


4. Vaping is Less Obtrusive to People Around You

If you often travel or spend time in public, it is good to know that vaping is not as intrusive as smoking is to those around you. That is because it does not emit smoke and doesn’t smell as much as a joint or pipe would. Plus, using it is much less of a hassle, as you can pick up the device and take a quick drag rather than go somewhere for a smoke with your piece, lighter, and grinder whenever you feel your anxiety is kicking in.


However, always avoid smoking in places that do have a "No Smoking" sign. While vaping is not smoking, many non-vapers associate it with smoking, so it is always good to be considerate of other people and avoid vaping in those areas.



To summarize, vaping for anxiety comes with plenty of benefits. Not only can you enjoy better sleep quality and feel more relaxed after you take a drag, but you are not putting yourself at risk of combustion compared to smoking cannabis.


Before you buy a device, do some research. These products come in many forms and specifications, and finding your perfect vape or e-rig will help you benefit from the effects can be essential to calm you down when anxiety hits.


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