4 Reasons Why Vaping Cannabis Is Superior To Smoking

on September 30, 2020
4 Reasons Why Vaping Cannabis Is Superior To SmokingHidden

With recent advancements in cannabis technology, we have created unique ways to experience cannabis products at anytime. From CBD oils that have helped many with chasing a healthy and natural lifestyle to vape products that provide a safer smoking alternative, who knows what they’ll come up with next?


Cannabis vaping is one of the newer phenomenons to come out of the cannabis world, which entails a better experience for most. A 420 vape pen is a great way to enjoy the world of cannabis if rolling joints or bongs aren't your preference. The world of cannabis is supposed to give everyone good vibes, so no matter what you choose, you should be in good hands. Here are some reasons why vaping is the better choice choice:


1. Vaping is Generally Safer 

While inhaling any kind of smoke is generally deemed unsafe, the harsh reality of smoking is that any kind will be bad for your lungs in the long run. The difference with dry herb vaping is that it inhales more of the oils than the organic matter of the herb. Vaporizing heats the herbs, rather than combusts it.


Standard methods of lighting a joint or a bong use heat that creates smoke, which is generally harmful to your respiratory system. However, heat rigs produce vapor rather than smoke. When you inhale the essential cannabinoid oils rather than all the smoke and other compounds, you’ll have a safer smoking experience.


2. There is No Strong Smell

Second-hand smoke is not always appreciated, whether it is cigarette smoke or marijuana smoke. For non-smokers, they usually hate inhaling the different scents of smoke. With vaporized herbs or concentrates, there is still a faint smell, but it isn’t as pronounced as busting out a joint and lighting it up. Since there is no combustion, it means the vapor will hang around less than flame-induced smoke.


3. It's More Discreet To Use 

The faint smell of 420 vape pens means that people won’t exactly notice you smoking because of the lack of the terpene aroma. By taking puffs with an e-rig, people won’t be bothered and you can even use it without smelling like an ashtray or a hotbox afterward. Without a lingering smell, getting high is much easier and more convenient. Be sure to be responsible for where you vape. The general rule of thumb is that thou shall not vape where thou may not smoke, so be aware of this at all times.


4. Vapes Are Smoother & More Flavorful

New technologies have allowed 420 vape pens to extract the full range of tastes and aromas from your strain, allowing the discovery of a rich range of flavors. Combustion takes away plenty of the bad terpene taste due to the addition of smoke to the mix, which is why vaporizers will allow you to get the most out of each batch.


Just like how e-cigarettes and vapes have a wider array of flavors, vaping cannabis will similarly provide you with that range, but with the highest high.



Vaporizers and E-Rigs are some of the best ways to experience the magical benefits of 420 in its purest form without the need for combustion. With better flavor notes that are safer to experience over long periods, you will surely enjoy everything about cannabis vaping. Vape responsibly and legally while ensuring that the people around you are aware and okay with it.


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