510 Vaping On The Rise

on April 02, 2019

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510 vape pens, 510 batteries, 510 vape cartridges, chances are if you have heard of vaping you have heard the term 510 thrown around once or twice or perhaps 510 times. The truth of the matter is though, many individuals are not aware of what all of this means. We here at Session Vapor believe that people should be educated about “510” seeing how it is an ever growing in trend! Let’s break it down!

So first off... vaping requires a few basic components. These include batteries, cartridges, and oil also known commonly as vape juice depending on the specific concoction you enjoy vaping. 

What is 510 Technology?

510 isn’t the new 420 but rather a term that describes the threading on many popular vape accessories and products. The threading on these products contain 10 screw threads and are approximately 5mm in length. Now that you know what the 510 is referring to, let’s take a closer look at a few of the common 510 vape components you may encounter. Now let’s take a closer look at 510 batteries, their purpose, and the varieties in which they are available.

510 Batteries

Vape batteries come in a variety of styles, sizes and colors. The standard threading across the board is you guessed it- 510 threading. Vape pen batteries are responsible for storing as well as transferring the precise amount of power to what is known as an atomizer. The battery is also home to the circuitry controls responsible for the power transfer, displays, LEDs if applicable and various other features. 

The battery sends power to the atomizer or other element within the battery that then in return heats to a precise temperature and vaporizes the oil within the cartridge. Your choice of vape cartridge should depend heavily on the type of battery you intend to utilize with it. Vape pen batteries come in various voltage, wattage and MAH capabilities. It is important to know this information regarding your 510 battery prior to choosing cartridges to utilize with it.

510 Vape Cartridges

Like vape batteries, vape cartridges are a key component to vaping. They also come with standard 510 threading and in a few other not so common varieties. Different cartridges are available in various sizes to cater to the various needs of those who enjoy vaping. As mentioned above, not all cartridges are compatible with every vape pen battery despite if they are both 510 threaded. Vape pen cartridges are available in .5ml and 1ml capacities in general. Additionally, they are available in 4 general varieties. Each of these varieties are available in both refillable and one time use disposable varieties. Some of these varieties are available in one time use cartridges while the majority are available in refillable options as well.

  • Polycarbonate or Plastic 

  • Glass

  • Ceramic Heating Element Glass Cartridge

  • Wickless Ceramic Cartridge with Glass

510 Vape Pens

While you can most certainly purchase individual components the preferred method for many is to first purchase an all in one vape pen. Many vape pen setups adhere to the 510 standard that is becoming the norm throughout the vaping community. While it may seem simple there are actually many key differences in 510 vape pens that you should be aware of. Different batteries offer different functionalities and features. Some of them allow you to set your Vape to a precise temperature and switch between aspects such as voltage and wattage. However other vape pens only allow you to simply turn them off and back on. Some vape pens are very simple to use while others some may find confusing. This is especially true if you are new to the vaping scene

While some may be new to the vaping scene, the scene itself has been around for several years. In fact it has grown substantially in recent years. During the Q1 of 2018, vape sales accounted for 80 percent of the California concentrates market per reports by BDS Analytics.  At the end of 2018, BDS analytics reported that vape pens accounted for roughly 13-15% of the entire market share in Colorado and Washington. From July of 2017 to May of 2018, sales role from 15.7% of the market share to 18.7% in the newfound market in Nevada. According to reports at that time, if you were to look specifically at just the concentrate market in legal states, vape products account for as much as 86% of sales.

From CBD vape pens to essential oil vape pens, it seems that vaping is in and 510 is setting the trend!