7 Most Popular Vape Pen Cartridges

on October 05, 2019

When you’re ready to experience the benefits of CBD oil for yourself, you have a lot of different options available for consumption. Will you choose edibles? Capsules? Tinctures? Or what about vaping?

Vaping is now believed to be one of the best and most convenient ways to consume CBD. It works by heating up the oil so that a vapor is produced. This vapor is then inhaled by the user so they can experience the benefits that CBD oil provides as quickly as possible.

If you’re going to vape CBD, however, you’re going to need to have some vape pen cartridges to contain the oil. While some cartridges are pre-filled, others are refillable, so here we take a closer look at which are the best ones for your needs so you can make a well-informed purchasing decision.

Best Pre-Filled CBD & THC Vape Cartridges

If you’re looking for the most convenient option when it comes to vaping CBD oil, you might want to consider choosing one of the pre-filled cartridges out there on the market today.

There are plenty of different brands which are sold these days but not all are of equally good quality. So, which are the right ones to buy? Here we look at some of the most popular and most reliable. 


1. PAX Era

If you’re looking for a pre-filled pod-style vape pen cartridge, the PAX Era is hard to beat. Designed specifically for use with cannabis oils, this line of pre-filled cartridges are made with a huge variety of different strains from more than 50 of the best-known and most reputable cannabis growers nationwide.


Clog-free and leak-resistant, the PAX Era pods are very dependable and offer impressive results.


2. ABX Live Resin

The ABX Live Resin vape pen cartridges use the latest CCELL Dart technology so you can be confident of enjoying the best possible quality of vaping experience. These pods come pre-filled with 500mg of a strain-specific resin together with a high-THC distillate cannabis oil.

The magnetic connection is extremely helpful since it makes changing cartridges a breeze, and since it is draw-activated, it’s really simple to use.


3. The Clear

As one of the first companies to retail cannabis distillate pre-filled cartridges, The Clear is a reliable and trustworthy option if you’re looking for the right vape pen cartridge for you. Known for having delicious-tasting flavors infused with terpenes, these cartridges also have an impressively high level of around 80% pure THC.

Thanks to the advanced CCELL technology which is integrated into these cartridges, users can enjoy the outstanding flavor with no unwanted burned hits.


4. Rove

If you love getting plenty of excellent flavor from your vape, Rove pre-filled cartridges are the ones for you. These premium pre-filled vape cartridges are famous for the pureness of their THC oil and the delicious blend of terpenes that they contain.


Produced using the CO2 extraction method which is famous for the high quality of the oil that it produces, Rove uses oil which is extracted from specific cannabis strains from some of the nation’s top farms.


5. Korova

Although the Korova brand might be best known for its potent range of edibles, it is now responsible for the release of some impressively hard-hitting pre-filled oil cartridges. There is a cartridge for each category of strain – hybrid, indica and sativa – and each one is ready to use, containing 0.5ml of THC oil.

With the CCELL technology which is incorporated into each cartridge, users can also enjoy a clean-tasting experience.

Best Empty 510 Thread Cartridges

If you’d rather customize your own vaping experience with your preferred oil, a refillable vape pen cartridge is the best choice for you. Convenient and cost-effective, these cartridges can easily be filled with the vape oil of your choice.

When you’re choosing a refillable vape cartridge, you need to consider ease of use and whether the cartridge is leak-free. You also need to consider the level of performance that it will provide and whether it will offer you the clean-tasting, high-quality experience that you desire.

Here are some of the top-selling, highest-performing refillable vape pen cartridges out there for sale today so you can make a well-informed purchasing decision. 


1. Session Vape C6 Ceramic Cartridge

Available in a choice of three stylish colors – gun metal, silver or gold – the Session C6 cartridge can be purchased either singly or packs of five or ten for even greater convenience. Each refillable cartridge is 510 threaded so it is compatible with a wide variety of vape pen batteries, and with a wick-less ceramic coil system, they deliver a truly smooth vapor for you to enjoy with your CBD nic salts.

Session Vape C6 Refillable Cartridge

As an added advantage, the design is leak-free and boasts a ceramic structure as well as a smart airflow system that ensures this is the ideal choice for use with e-liquids and thinner oils.


2. Session C1 Ceramic 510 Cartridge

If you’re planning on vaping distillates and extra-thick vape oils, the Session C1 cartridge is the perfect choice for you. Made from glass and medical grade stainless steel, this cartridge has a wick-less ceramic coil for an even purer vape experience.

It also boasts an ergonomically designed mouthpiece with a ceramic flat tip and a convenient top filling design for minimal fuss and mess during refills. The bottom airflow design means that this cartridge is compatible with auto-draw vape pen batteries while the intake holes are extra-large at 2mm allowing you to vape even the thickest distillates with ease.  

If you’re ready to buy a refillable or pre-filled vape pen cartridge, you’re sure to be impressed by any of the seven options that we’ve showcased here. Whether you want the convenience of a pre-filled cartridge or the cost-effectiveness of a refillable option, you’ll find something you like outlined in this article.

Remember that you’ll also need to invest in a compatible vape pen battery if you want to vape THC or CBD oil. A 510 thread battery is a great choice offering you plenty of compatibility with a wide variety of cartridge options.