A Beginner's Guide to Popular Vape Tricks

on August 04, 2020

5 Tips on how to improve your vape tricks - our guide

Vape tricks are wildly fun to do and enjoyable to watch. However, what would be even better would be doing the same tricks with your weed vape pen—where your cannabis consumption enhances your tricks’ fantastic visual flare. While it’s true that the thick clouds of smoke are easier to produce with nicotine vape juice than it is with cannabis herbs or concentrates, there are a few ways to get around it.


In this article, we’re going to discuss a few ways to get more vapor out of your weed vape pens, and the tricks you can do due to these tips.


Preparing your Vape 

1. Get a Quality Grinder


Finely ground herb will allow for better airflow within the chamber, which produces more vapor while enhancing the flavor. If you’re in the market for a quality grinder, you can check out our grinder collection. Be sure to choose a grinder that is large enough for your preference and offers finely grounded teeth for perfectly grounded bud every time.


2. Pack the chamber properly

Most vaporizers have specific instructions on how to refill it. However, unless otherwise specified by your user manual or manufacturer, it’s usually a good idea to pack the chamber, while still allowing enough room for proper airflow. Packing the chamber too tight will force you to inhale harder, while producing less vapor.


3. Turn up the heat


If you have a vape pen with adjustable temperatures, you can set it to a higher level for thicker smoke, which also makes you inhale more THC or CBD in the process. However, this results in harsher hits, which might not enjoyable for everyone. The best temperature to vape weed is largely subjective and will differ based on your preferences, but if your goal is to do vape tricks, then you will need to turn it up for adequate vapor production.


4. Inhale the vapor properly


Even if you’ve been vaping for a while, it’s likely that you will still need to get used to your new weed vape. Each unit will feel different because of draw-resistance. However, you can try drawing in a controlled way with long and slow inhales.


Weed Vape Tricks for Beginners 

Once you get your optimum vapor, you can start learning some tricks with your weed vape. Here are a few weed vape tricks that you can learn immediately.


1. French Inhale


This classic trick is definitely easier with regular vapes, but can still be achieved with a weed vape if you followed the tips above. First, start with a deep and hefty draw, and let the vapor linger inside your mouth for a few seconds. Open your mouth by extending your lower jaw, but do not blow the vapor out! Instead, let your nostrils suck the vapor back in as it rises.


2. O-Rings


O-rings are a staple with nicotine and cannabis vapers alike, but are much harder to do than it looks. It usually starts with a hefty draw, followed by shaping it into a round shape with your lips. After letting the vapor linger, you can do a quick succession of cough-like motions to coax the vapor out. Getting the motion done right can take a bit of practice, especially if you want to make bigger, fuller rings.


3. The Bull


The bull combines the french inhale and o-rings—so only attempt this trick if you’ve mastered the previous two! After taking a customary hefty draw, execute an o-ring as perfectly as you can. Once the o-ring is in front of you, place your nostril on top of it and inhale the ring’s top.




While it can take a little bit more work than you’re used to, doing tricks with your weed vape can be just as satisfying. Before you start trying out your newly learned tricks, remember to keep your herbs finely grounded, your cartridge or chamber full, and your drags deep and hefty.


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