An Introduction to Vape Pens for CBD and THC Oils

on March 19, 2019

Vape Pen Battery Cartridges | Session Vapor

CBD oil and THC oil vape pens are becoming a popular choice for consumers looking to give vaping a try. CBD vaporizers give people the benefit of an essential cannabinoid (CBD) without any intoxicating effects or high. Some people prefer to vape full spectrum cannabis oil containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other cannabinoids like THC, CBN, CBG, CBD. No matter what you choose to vape be at CBD oil or full spectrum cannabis oil, chances are you're going to love it as much as the millions of other consumers who partake in a session with a vape. A lot of people who are new to the world of vaping like to use a disposable or refillable 510 vape cartridge. These cartridges attach easily to most any oil vape pen battery. They are also easy to purchase in stores and online. 

You can find them online at places like Session Vapor or in most states with legal retail or medical cannabis sales you can find them at your local smoke shop. If you are ready to give vaping cannabis oil or CBD oil a try but aren't sure where to start, you're in the right place. We're going to cover all the basics you need in order to pull your first rip from a vape pen. It doesn't require a chemistry set or a degree in science. In fact, vaping is easier than you may think. You can choose a large battery with customized accessories once you're more familiar with vaping. Many people prefer to start simple with a 510 battery and a 510 vape cartridge. 510 vape cartridges are available in both refillable and disposable varieties. Here's what you need to get started vaping.

Hardware You'll Need to Vape

If you are choosing to go the route of a disposable vape cartridge you will be able to find them pre-filled with CBD or THC oil. All you will need is a 510 battery. you will want to make sure your battery is completely charged. once you know your batteries charged all you must do is simply screw on your 510 cartridge and you're ready to go. Some batteries have a button you hold for a few seconds and others you just hit. Basic batteries don’t have the option of changing temperatures. Ore advanced batteries like the Pro-V Mod give you the option of four different temperature settings. 

Lower temp vaping produces tastier hits but sacrifices cannabinoids. higher temp vaping produces more cannabinoids but sacrifices taste. Therefore, when people decide they like vaping many tend to opt for a more expensive battery that offers them more control of their vaping experience. Refillable 510 vape cartridges are a great option or anyone who wants to produce their own vapable plant oils. A special syringe can be purchased too easily refill these cartridges helping to save consumers money and offered them a craft vaping experience.

Next Steps...

Now that you have all the necessary information to start vaping, you're going to need to know what to do next. Since you're going to absolutely love the convenience of vaping you're going to want to know a few things about storage, buying, laws, and other areas of the vape world. Vaping is a lot like smoking in the eyes of consumer facilities. Vaping is prohibited anywhere that smoking is not allowed except in places such as vape lounges or other areas that specifically designate vaping is permitted. You're not allowed to vape in schools, hospitals, or other public buildings. 

With that in mind many people do. It's all about discretion and vaping offers consumers discretion. Always be respectful and mindful when vaping. Don’t blow vape clouds in people's faces and obey laws about vaping so that you don't get in trouble or give other vapor a bad rep. Storing your vape cartridge, battery, and oil is conveniently done by purchasing a vape case to keep everything in. You will find vape cartridges, batteries, and other accessories all over the place but remember they aren't all created equally. The best advice for quality 510 vape batteries, 510 vape cartridges, and other vape accessories is to check out Session Vapor.

The most important thing to remember is to always vape safe and have fun doing so. The world of vaping is catching on like fire and is a hit with the cannabis community and culture both medically and recreationally.