Desktop VS. Portable Weed Vaporizer - Which One Should You Get?

on December 15, 2020
Desktop VS. Portable Weed Vaporizer - Which One Should You Get?


If you are here right now, this means that you are likely on the verge of purchasing a weed vaporizer. However, you do not know if you should invest in a portable or a desktop version. The two have their pros and cons, aside from their apparent size differences. If you need to choose between the two or just plain curious about how they differ, this article will tell you how diverse they are based on four categories.


How Desktop and Portable Vaporizer Differ


    1. The Quality of Vapor They Produce 

One of the most significant differences they have is the taste and experience they produce. Since desktop vaporizers like the Storz & Bickel Volcano have a larger machine, it means they have more comprehensive heating chambers inside. These chambers usually allow the production of rich and flavorsome vapor that you will not usually get from a portable one.


This fact makes the desktop vaporizer the best choice for users who are particular when it comes to their vapor experience or those who want to have full control over the settings they require to produce their desired blend. Using portable vaporizers may be easier to carry and transport, but they cannot produce the same effect as the desktop version. Since they are battery powered, it also adds a limitation to the device’s capability. However, it does not mean that you will not find portable vaporizers with quality vapor. Most high-end models can also provide you with an excellent vapor experience.


     2. Portability and Storage

Another sized-based difference is how one can use and store them. For example, the bigger desktop vaporizer may provide its user with better control, but its size is easy to spot and hard to hide and store.


If you are fond of bringing your vaporizer anywhere you go, a portable vape like the will be a better option for you. You are free to use your portable vaporizer like the Davinci Miqro could be a better choice because you can quickly put it inside your bag or pocket. It is also easier to use because it does not require other accessories before you get to enjoy it!


     3. Their Battery Life

Desktop vaporizers usually need to be plugged into a wall socket before it functions. Meanwhile, a portable vaporizer, from its name, can be used anywhere and anytime because it is battery-operated.


Their advantages and disadvantages typically rely on the length of their service. Since a desktop vaporizer depends on electricity, you can use it for as long as you want your session to go. The lifespan of your portable one depends on its battery level. Unfortunately, the more you use your batteries, the lesser their lifespan becomes.


    4. The Number of People Using It

Desktop vaporizers are perfect for group use. If you love to share the experience with other vapers, the desktop option is the best for you. You can find units in the market with accessories that will allow four people to vape at once or a specially designed machine for ease of transfer from one person to another. For solo users, a portable vaporizer will be the best choice!



A desktop and portable vaporizer is specially created for different purposes and different types of users. If you need help deciding which of the two you should use, base your decision on the four categories mentioned in this article and give points to each.


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