Vaping 101 - Fixing a Clogged Vape Cartridge

on October 27, 2020
fixing a clogged weed dab pen


Vaping is fun, but it can be troublesome if you can't inhale through your cartridge properly. This unfamiliarity prohibits you from enjoying a vaping session with your friends. Fortunately, there are ways to fix clogged cartridges, and we have just the solutions you need to enjoy vaping again.

This guide will take you through four solutions that will help you unclog your vape cartridge. Take this as an opportunity to conveniently vape without much effort and worry for your tools.


1. Use Heat to Get Rid of Excess Concentrate

The vape cartridge is filled with concentrates that can clog your cartridge. You may have put in too much concentrate inside or weren’t keen on finishing your sessions.

You also have to remember that concentrates typically have a higher viscosity during cold days and when you store your vaping tools in cold places. But these issues can be taken care of easily with heat.

You can unclog the cartridge by applying low heat or activating Pre-Heat Mode (if applicable) to remove all the excess concentrate. However, you may have to make sure that nothing is dislodged in the cartridge before heating, or else you may end up damaging your vape pen.


2. Replace Your Cartridge 

Multiple vape sessions can affect your cartridge’s performance, which can lead to clogging or poorly heated concentrate. These kinds of issues tend to happen when you don’t care for your vape pen, like say you tend to leave it out in the open or aren’t cleaning it properly.

You may need to find a replacement cartridge to get your vape pen working again. You can choose from our wide selection through our online e-rig and vape pen store. A fresh replacement cartridge is the perfect solution to a clogged or burnt tasting cartridge.


3. Unclog the Cartridge Manually

You may see something other than concentrate that is clogging your cartridge, like dirt or dust clumps. You can remove them easily with a toothpick or safety pin, but be careful not to prick the cartridge and other components too hard. Remember to keep a firm grip on your toothpick or safety pin because it may also fall into the cartridge. You can also contact us at Session Vapor or your local dispensary to assist you with other related concerns.



A clogged cartridge is common, but luckily there are also many solutions to fix it. You just need to follow our recommended tips to unclog your cartridge and keep your vape sessions going.

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