Getting Started Vaping CBD Oil

on February 05, 2019

Vaping CBD oil is becoming a popular alternative to vaping other forms of e-liquids. Consumers are finding that they are able to beat addictions to nicotine and traditional forms of smoking when they make the switch to vaping CBD oil. Vaping CBD oil is not complicated and should not be scary in any way, shape, or form.

People are becoming more aware of their health and the role making healthy decisions regarding their body plays in their life. The internet gives us the ability to research things like tobacco, alcohol, and prescription drug addiction and abuse. Research will often point people in the direction of making healthier choices. People are people, if we smoke or have addictions, they are hard to just put down. Society has been engineered that way.

CBD is one of the healthier alternatives to many things that’s being talked about around the water cooler at the office these days. People hear other people talking about vaping CBD oil. About how it has helped them stop smoking cigarettes or drinking. Or how it is helping them to lose weight or reducing their pain and inflammation. Good news travels fast and doesn’t require billboards, television commercials and radio ads. Word of mouth proves to still be one of the best methods of advertising.

So, what was it that gave way to the recent budding growth in the number of people vaping CBD oil?

What Led to the CBD Vape Oil Boom

With the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill by US President Donald Trump, hemp a form of the cannabis plant, was removed from its schedule 1 status on the Controlled Substance Act. This makes industrial hemp and products derived from industrial hemp such as hemp derived CBD, 100% legal in America. At last credible clinical trials regarding the health benefits of CBD can legally be conducted in the United States. This is something other countries have been doing for decades.

Hemp CBD Happenings

  • Hemp derived CBD oil is now 100% legal across the United States feeding the growing demand for CBD vape oil.
  • Legal industrial hemp opened doors for endless CBD products, agricultural avenues, research studies, clinical trials, and multimillion-dollar investments.
  • Canopy Growth Corporation, a Canadian cannabis company, recently received the approval for licensing to produce and manufacture industrial hemp in the state of New York making an initial $150 million-dollar investment. This shows how strong of an investment legal hemp will be from the start.

Now that CBD from hemp is legal more people than ever before are vaping CBD oil. People aren’t just giving it a try and putting it down either. They are loving it! Vaping CBD oil is becoming more acceptable and the healthier alternative to other recreational habits.

Vaping CBD Oil 101

When it comes to Vaping CBD oil many consumers are opting for reusable or disposable vape oil (carts) cartridges. Carts like the high-quality stainless steel 510-threaded vape cartridges with ceramic coils offered at Session Vapes are the type of cartridges you want to use on your electronic devices. That’s because they meet stringent requirements for consumer safety.

The last thing you want to do when you’re trying to vape CBD oil is to vape heavy metals like lead. Avoiding cheap cartridges from China is HIGHLY advised. Many of these cheap carts contain amounts of lead and other heavy metals that prevent them from legally being bought or sold on the market in California.

All you need to get started is a vape cart, battery, and CBD vape oil. You can buy this all together in a disposable one time use package. But, after people see how much they like it they often want to see if it gets better. This leads them to making their own vape oils or buying it pre-made and filling their own carts.

Stay Safe and Enjoy Vaping CBD Oil

There are all sorts of different CBD vape oils on the market today. Some are great products, but some are junk pumped full of melatonin and other additives in an attempt to give consumers a slight buzz. That is not CBD. You should never feel high from CBD.

Make sure to view lab reports for any product you are looking at buying. Be sure those reports are current and conducted by reputable certified labs. All of this can be done within a few minutes by performing a few quick internet searches. If a company isn’t able to provide verifiable lab results, chances are they have something to hide.

When you are ready to give CBD oil a try, go for it! Venture out into the world and see what CBD is all about. CBD is turning out to be the world’s favorite non-intoxicating phytocannabinoid and you may just find that you love it too!