Guide to the Best Temperature for Vaping Cannabis

on July 27, 2020

best temperature to vape weed

Cannabis vaping has become one of the hottest trends in recent years. Several factors can contribute to your overall cannabis vaping experience. For instance, the particular quality of buds and extracts you use can affect the consistency and quality of your vapor. Likewise, the condition of your vape parts also impacts how the vape liquid will work on your device. However, what most rookie vapers do not know is that temperature also plays a crucial role in the taste and overall quality of your vape experience. 


Here is a quick explanation on the impact of temperature in vaping and how you can find the perfect weed vape temp according to your preference:


How Can I Find My Perfect Temperature Setting?

Flavor and potency are most affected by temperature settings. The higher the temperature, the stronger and richer flavor you can get. However, most cannabis vapers have said that overly high temperatures can cause discomfort as the vapor itself gets hotter. That is why they mostly recommend that vapers play around at 350ºF to 420ºF for intense flavor and potency without discomfort or burnt material. Additionally, you should vape at the voltage of around 3.0 if you are using a 510 threaded cartridge vape pen. 


Although expert vapers recommend a specific temperature for the optimum vaping experience, the best temperature to vape weed will still depend on your preference. To help you find which weed vape temp is best for you, here is a quick guide to follow:


    •  350-370ºF – Low temperatures awaken the senses to a bouquet of aromas. 
    • 370º–390ºF – Enlighten your consciousness with a medium euphoric experience that keeps you awake and active. Casual users will find this range comfortable and enjoyable.
    • 390º-410ºF – Kick back and grab the TV remote as relief takes hold. This leisurely range replaces effects of euphoria with a full-body sensation and a movie night is starting to sound better than a night out. 
    • 410º-430ºF – Grab a couch and put your problems and pain away as intense sedation captures you. This calming temperature entices you to slow down and unwind. 

How Can I Adjust My Vape Temperature?

Some devices allow you to choose a range, while others let you stick to a specific temperature. Portable vaporizers should have the temperature settings built-in to the device allowing you to change settings on the fly. Desktop vaporizers can come with built-in settings and/or a separate remote. Regardless of which, easily setting your temperatures will provide you consistent vaping experience according to your needs and preferences. You can either stay at a steady range or adjust your vape temperature whenever you desire.


If you want to add richness in your vape liquid flavor, simply put your temperature range higher. However, if you don’t want the unnecessary warmth and would like to enjoy the benefits of cannabis gradually and slowly, consider setting your temperature much lower. At the end of the day, your vaping temperature will solely depend on your preference.



Weed vaping experience varies from person to person, as each person reacts differently to cannabis. However, apart from that, your vape, quality of your cannabis, and vape temperature all play a role in enriching your vape experience. As you know by now, a higher temperature provides a richer flavor and potency. When deciding which weed vape temp to choose, be sure to refer to our guide to find the perfect vape temperature for you.


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