How E-Rigs Enhance Your Conventional Dabbing Experience

on November 23, 2020
How E-Rigs Enhance Your Conventional Dabbing Experience

How E-Rigs Enhance Your Conventional Dab 

While many blowtorch loyalists remain wary of e-rigs to enhance their dabbing experience, these smart accessories are continually improving. As a torch-less heat source, the benefits you reap from an e-rig will depend on what type of product you’re using.


Overall, they make dabbing easy—you can heat your rig with the push of a button. However, there are a few other features you should consider. Let’s take a closer look.


An In-Depth Look at E-Rigs

Nowadays, you’ll find no shortage of e-rigs available on the market. However, the original e-rig, the Puffco Peak, still holds its winning position.


While the Puffco Peak remains one of the more popular e-rigs of choice, many others still get the job done. For instance, beginners will do well with the new Dr. Dabber Boost Evo, an affordable option that makes for an enjoyable experience.


The Benefits of Using an E-Rig

E-rigs are still relatively new to the vaping market. However, they set themselves apart with unique features and a handful of advantages that include the following.


1. They Provide Precise Temperature Control

Unlike conventional rigs, bongs, or pipes, e-rigs allow you to control heat temperatures via multiple presets. Some products even allow you to customize your smoke down to the degree. 

2. They’re Highly Customizable

E-rigs are customizable not only in temperature control but also for vaping various materials. For instance, the Focus V Carta supports both oil and dry herbs.


Other rigs, such as the Pulsar Rok, allow users to customize vapor clouds by shifting atomizers. With one squeeze of the Pulsar’s dab trigger, you get one long 30-second sesh—excellent for big clouds.    

3. They’re Safer

Naturally, safer dabs don’t involve a blowtorch. Because you aren’t playing with fire, e-rigs are much less intimidating. Alternatively, some users merely prefer the ease of using a button instead of lighting up with a blowtorch.

4. They’re Easy to Use On-the-Go

Many popular e-rigs are portable and battery-powered. This selection includes the Xvape Vista Mini, which is compact and doesn’t boast any unnecessary features you wouldn’t want to use on the road. 


5. They Stay Charged All Day

E-rigs such as the Dr. Dabber Switch provides up to 150 uses on a single, one-hour charge. With that in mind, you’ll have to remember to charge your e-rig regularly.

6. They’re Easy to Clean

E-rigs are more manageable to disassemble for individual cleaning than their traditional counterparts. Use cotton swabs and an antibacterial solution to clean glass parts.

7. They Feature Bluetooth App Functionality

Nowadays, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a product that doesn’t come with a mobile application. While not every e-rig supports Bluetooth functionality—yet—some, like the Focus V Carta, come with an app that allows you to fine-tune temperature and other features.



If you aren’t satisfied with your conventional dab rig, why not give an e-rig a shot? Its portability, ease of use, and unique features make it a must-have vaping-products for rookies and veterans.


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