420 Shopper's Guide - How to Avoid Buying Bad Cannabis Products

on September 08, 2020
How to avoid buying bad cannabis products

Thanks to North America’s growing legalization of weed and the ever-open supplier market, finding the best buds and extracts for your experiences has never been easier. If you reside in a cannabis legal state, getting any type of cannabis product has become far more accessible in recent years. Recreational and medicinal smokers alike can stroll into the nearest licensed cannabis dispensary and easily find what they need. Whether it’s in the form of joints and ounces or pen oils, extracts, and pills, accessing the wide world of marijuana and CBD at any time and anywhere is now a breeze.


Although the internet has made it infinitely easier to learn and locate marijuana products of any form on sites like Weedmaps, it has also blurred the lines between getting excellent or bad products. This means that you can get easily duped if you’re not careful.


Stay Away from Online Purchases (Unless it's Hemp-Derived) 

In recent years, the reality of purchasing any cannabis product online from unauthorized retailers has been growing at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, all of these online sources carry counterfeit products which have a high chance of containing pesticides and Vitamin E Acetate. The only legit cannabis products that can be purchased online legally are 100% hemp-derived CBD products such as tinctures, salves, edibles and even buds.


As opposed to walking into a dispensary, looking at the weed up close, and determining if it’s good quality, going online makes it easier to buy lousy pot because you can’t tell it’s worth just through a picture on the web. This reality—along with adversely-complicated no-return policies and loopholes—has left many smokers in a loop of buying bad pot with their hard-earned cash.


Be Sure About What You’re Getting 

While shopping for cannabis products, always be sure to check for authenticity and utilize product reviews to determine which product is best for you. If you’re looking to restock your supply at a local dispensary, here are three ways to ensure that you get the best quality items:


1. Ask Friends and Family for Recommendations

Suppose you’re going to buy any marijuana product online from a store you’ve never purchased before. In that case, the best way to ensure that you get a quality product is to ask for recommendations. Whether it’s from a family member, friend, acquaintance, or a familiar name in your circle, you’re always bound to find a reliable vouch that will help ensure that you get top-quality goods!

2. Search the Web for Reviews

Aside from making it easier to locate your favorite cannabis buds, edibles, and extracts, the internet is also your best friend for quality control because you can use it to find real reviews. Once you’ve found a dispensary that you want to purchase from or a product that interests you, you can search the web for a review on the store or product and gauge

3. Always Check for Lab Results

One quick way to guarantee that a product you’re buying from is safe and authentic is to check for lab results. By law, licensed dispensaries must sell only lab-tested products from verified brands. 


Thanks to the progression of cannabis legalization, you can now buy an array of cannabis products from your local licensed dispensary. However, it’s still essential to ensure that you’re getting safe and high quality products by following the three tips mentioned above before making your purchase.

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