How to Choose the Perfect Weed Grinder

on December 07, 2020
How to Choose the Perfect Weed Grinder


In the world of cannabis smoking and vaping, the whole concept of getting as high as a kite is one that will eventually prove itself to be quite detailed as you go deeper into the whole experience.


Much like coffee or cooking, coming up with the best experience possible when you’ve got a bong or pipe in hand heavily relies on the ability to do what you must to fine-tune your experience. From the type of bong that you work with to the type of weed you vaporize, the list of details you’ll need to adjust for a perfect high is nearly endless.


At this point, you’re probably wondering over all the different tools and accessories that you’ll need to tinker around with as you go deeper into the 420 lifestyle. By now, your understanding is most likely full of different details and bits of conventional wisdom that have led you to invest in various gadgets and tools for the best experiences.


Although it’s no secret that every detail involved plays a vital role in how well your experience with weed pans out, the matter of choosing the right grinder is more prominent than you’d expect.


Why Your Choice Matters

Admittedly, choosing a grinder can seem menial at first. After all, what difference does it make to choose between a high-level and low-tier option when the main purpose is to grind? Well, there is actually a lot more to the whole concept!


Much like cream and sugar for coffee and searing and rubs for steaks, grinders are a tiny detail that bears a whole lot of influence over the quality of your experience. This means is that overlooking the need to invest in top-notch equipment will hamper your highs in more ways than you can count, and being too lax will put you in the wrong place.


A Guide to Finding the Perfect Grinder

With hundreds to thousands of different options on the market that you can invest in for your pot-smoking needs, picking the best one out of the bunch can be a confusing experience. Yet, taking the following points that we’ll explain into mind will go a long way towards helping you find the perfect grinder for your vaporizing needs:


Material Matters

Out of all the different details that you’ll need to consider when choosing the perfect grinder for your vaporizing and pot-smoking needs, the material of an grinder is one you shouldn’t overlook.


Typically, premium materials known for their durability are the best options to work with because they are built to withstand the grinding process while remaining non-toxic so that herbs remain safe for ingestion. For a premium experience, you may want to work with uncoated metal, wood, or acrylic because these options guarantee the best results—acrylic being the best out of the bunch!


Electric vs. Manual

Another critical factor that you’ll need to consider when choosing the best grinder option to work with is whether you should go for an electric or a manual approach. An electric auto-dispensing grinder like the Tectonic9 by Cloudious9 


Generally, the matter of choosing between one and the other doesn’t rely on one answer because both options present their respective pros and cons and best applications. If you want to choose from the best grinders to suit your needs, then you’ll need to re-evaluate your smoking style (along with your preferences) and check out the different options available in our online shop!



Finding the perfect grinder, albeit seemingly-simple, is a critical task that anyone looking for amazing highs will need to pay some extra attention to no matter where they are in their pot-smoking journey. Through this guide’s help, you’ll be able to find the perfect match that best suits your needs in no time so that you don’t ever worry about having a bad high with your vaporizer ever again!

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