How to Produce Extra Thick Vapor With Your Weed Vape

on November 02, 2020
How to Produce Extra Thick Vapor With Your Weed Vape

With today's technology-packed vaporizers, it's possible to produce extra thick vapor wherever you are. Weed vapes work by vaporizing herbs at a low temperature whether you decide to vape dry herbs or extracts. Because there is no combustion, herbs are not being burned the same way it would if you were lighting up a joint or a bong, there is less vapor in the air. 


When it comes to using a weed vape, the focus is usually on flavor and aroma. This is because the vaporizers consume far less weed, and no cannabinoids are wasted to the perils of inefficient burning. However, there is still a way to increase the amount of vapor that you produce. Read on to know the four ways you can get thicker vapor from your weed vape.

1. Don’t Pack Too Tightly 

You’ll want to fill your weed vaporizer’s chamber with as much herb as possible to increase the surface area you can heat. That being said, you should resist the temptation to pack too much herb. You’ll have to find the right balance for yourself, but it’s a good idea to keep the chamber “full and fluffy.”


This is because vaporizers work best if heated air passes through the ground herb and evenly spreads the heat. This will also decrease draw resistance, so you won’t have to exert effort when pulling air from the mouthpiece.


2. Grind Your Herbs Thoroughly

Grinding your herb into tiny pieces helps you achieve an even “burn” because the heated air will be able to move freely within the chamber. If your herb is not evenly ground, you’ll have more difficulty in achieving an even drag. The overall result is a thicker vapor that helps enhance the experience.


3. Increase the Temperature 

Once again, you’ll have to find the sweet spot in the temperature where you can produce the most vapor without deteriorating the flavor. For best results, the best temperature to vape weed is at around 380°F for the taste. Once you’ve had your fill, start gradually heating up to 390°F towards the end to produce thicker smoke.



Producing billowing clouds of smoke is a lot of fun. With the vast array of vaporizers on the market and constantly emerging technology in this space, any enthusiast can start blowing extra thick vapor. Just follow these four easy steps, and you’ll be producing thicker smoke from your weed vaporizer in no time.


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