Oil Pens Vs. Wax Pens (aka Dab Pens) - What Are Their Differences?

on June 22, 2020

oil pens vs wax pens

Thanks to the massive push that the cannabis industry continues to receive, the medicinal and highly-beneficial plant sought after by many has managed to transform from a taboo topic to a revolutionary health and wellness product.


Coming a long way from water pipes and rolling papers, enjoying the vast benefits of THC and CBD can be now done in many ways. From space cakes to extracted oils and single-dose pills, there’s no telling when manufacturers will reach the end of possibility as more efficient consumption methods continue to pop up over time.

Among all the different ways that you could possibly enjoy your favorite cannabis extracts in the most efficient and safest way possible, there’s one method that’s been touted as arguably the best way to do so: Vape Pens; specifically oil pens and wax pens.


An Introduction To Vape Pens 

While they may not necessarily be the newest forms of cannabis consumption, oil pens and wax pens (aka dab pens) have been highly sought after because of their ability to enjoy the key benefits of cannabis in a smoke-free and compact form. While some may argue that bongs and joints may help to some extent, these pens are best known for their high potency and convenience of use. Instead of whipping a whole glass pipe, lighter, and grinder, you can enjoy instant stress relief and mental clarity with a touch of a button!


What’s The Difference Between Each Type Of Pen?

Now, while vape pens may all sound and look alike, the truth is that oil pens and wax pens cater to two totally different consumers. Given the key differences that exist between these methods, it is even more crucial to ensure that you invest your hard-earned money into an option that best suits your different needs.


If you’re looking to consume cannabis in the most convenient and effective way possible, then here is a quick guide to telling each kind of vape pen apart:


Oil Pens

Often recognized for their use of pre-filled cartridges and 510 thread batteries, vape pens for distillates and CO2 extracted oils and are some of the most popular ways of consuming marijuana and CBD products in today’s market.


The cartridges are interchangeable, making them a flexible option if you’re looking to easily switch between strains. With the average THC or CBD percentage of oil pens over 70%, these pens can deliver powerful and effective hits from your concentrates as opposed to smoking the traditional way. Be sure to always use a vape battery with low heat settings for oil cartridges since overheating can ruin your cartridge's atomizer resulting in burnt oil.

Wax Pens aka "Dab Pens"

Specifically catered to solid concentrates like wax, crumble, and shatter, these vape pens have become a growing need in the medical-community because of their purity without any added terpenes or additives. While oil pens and wax pens look and operate in similar fashion, wax pens require you to load your dab into a coil chamber before each session. When you press the fire button, you get the experience of a dab instantly in a portable pen form!

What makes dab pens stand out is that they use a higher amount of generated heat at around 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in order to properly vaporize the solid concentrates. 



When it comes to consuming cannabis, there’s no doubt that vape pens are the way to go if you’re looking for an effective, convenient, and safe way to reap its amazing benefits. With the help of this quick guide, you now understand the difference between wax pens and oil pens.

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