Smoking vs Vaping - 4 Reason Why Vaping is Better

on April 27, 2020

As health and wellness becomes more prevalent, hundreds of thousands of vaporizer stores specializing in 510 thread batteries, vape pens, e-rigs, & e-nails have opened up worldwide to address the demand for healthier alternatives to smoking their dry herbs and concentrates. Vaporizers have opened the market to thousands of customers who are always on the lookout for a safer and healthier fix. Vaping is not just better in terms of experiencing dry herbs and extracts, but it’s also a better buy for your money in the long run.


Making the better choice

The increasing popularity of herb vaping over smoking is not without its reasons. In this article, we will share with you four advantages of why modern vaporizers are the way to go:


1. No Toxic Chemicals & Carcinogens

The apparent advantage of vaping over smoking comes from the different byproducts that are made. Smoking herbs will always contain carcinogens and toxic chemicals due to being a byproduct of combustion. Know that cigarette smoking kills over 480,000 people in the United States alone.

Switching to vaping reduces the toxicity considerably by allowing you to cut down and moderate your doses. The psychoactive ingredients in vapor allow for a calmer effect of giving you increments compared to receiving everything in full. This is why vape users perform ‘microdosing’ to provide them with a longer-lasting sensation without burning out their herbs faster.

2. Better Flavor

Smoking often dumbs down the purity in the taste of your herbs. Though mixing dry herbs is a common practice, the use of high heat in smoking creates benzene, giving it a burnt taste while at the same time burning down the active ingredients in dry herbs.

Though you might be getting a higher dosage, you wouldn’t be experiencing the best flavor it can give. Vaporizing stretches out the effects of your herbs and concentrates by making it last longer in shorter bursts. By keeping the heat low, it allows the vapor of the herbs to take their time in turning into gas for a prolonged effect of your herbs.

3. Benefits Long Term Lung Health

If you use medicinal marijuana, it can be a challenge to balance your lung health with your need for a relaxant if you have weak lungs. Know that a vaporizer used for medicinal uses gives you a more significant advantage for your money’s worth compared to dealing with the issues of lung health. Using a vaporizer allows you to adjust your dosage by altering the amount on your herbal chamber and keeping it under low temperature.

In contrast to smoking, vaping doesn’t burn any product, which produces tar and carcinogens. The myth of tar and carcinogens found in vaping products is mostly due to the byproduct residue found in the herbal chamber. These substances are actually the dried-out oils from the herbs.

4. Save Money

Vapes can start as low as $15 and reach as high as $700. In terms of continued use, however, it’s cheaper compared to buying a glass water pipe, which costs upwards of $50 for a quality piece. Besides being made of brittle glass, it also doesn’t come with a warranty.

Smoking includes a wide variety of accessories including lighters, rolling papers, and additional attachments. All these little expenses add up to a costly habit that can easily be solved by switching to a one-time purchase of a vaporizer with just the occasional purchase of restocking your stash.


Modern cannabis vaping has come a long way from being a vice to a healthy alternative in handling stress, pain, and much more. Most people might find that making the switch from smoking could be a costly first-time purchase, but it’s a matter of looking at the long term benefits. Vaping is the way to go if you’re looking for a better buy in terms of health benefits, quality, cost, and convenience all at once. 

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