Still Burning Your Cannabis Extracts? Here's How You Can Prevent It

on December 03, 2020
Still Burning Your Cannabis Extracts? Here's How You Can Prevent It


Dabbing extracts is one of the most modern methods of consuming cannabis. While it is gaining popularity for good reason, it also requires the use of a number of tools such as a dabber, a quality nail, and a butane torch. The process of dabbing can get confusing in order to execute it improperly. See below for our guide on always getting the best dabs.


Burning Your Nails Past Their Limit 

A titanium nail can heat up to over 850-1000 degrees Fahrenheit. At this point, it will show a glowing red glow that shows its piping hot temperature level. Although you can use this high temp nail for dabbing, doing so will lessen the purity and flavor of cannabis. At this heat level, you're burning your extracts into smoke instead of maintaining it as vapor if you’re using vaping tools beyond 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Wait until the glowing red is gone to dab for the perfect hit. 


Take Care Of Your Nail

Cannabis’ active component of THC vaporizes at 275 degrees Fahrenheit, while its terpenes do so at 310 degrees. This means that you should aim for a middle ground for dabbing. For this reason, some people believe that the best vaporizing temperature is at 200-400 degrees Fahrenheit. It ensures that you’re inhaling vapor instead of burnt dab.


In contrast, some people say that heating your nail at lower temperatures can give a smoother and more flavorful hit. This is probably due to the increased amount of terpenes that are still present for low-temperature hits.


Setting Up Your Dab Rig 

Technically, you don’t need to purchase any extra products for the perfect dabbing session. All you'll need to get started is a bong, titanium or quartz nail, butane torch, and dab pick. However, you may need to run a few trials and errors to understand the precise moment when you should heat your nails.


If you have titanium nails, it’s best to start for 15-20 seconds of heating and adjust it from there. If you own quartz or ceramic nails, you may need even less preheating time since they’re better heating conductors. If you want to try out lower temperatures before you dab, you can overheat your nail first and then let it cool back down before taking your hit.


Going Electronic With Your Dabbing

Although some people prefer to go with traditional tools, you can’t go wrong with using more modern electric-powered vaping devices like the Pulsar RoK or High Five Duo. Going electronic might be your best option if you want to hit a specific temperature without trying your luck in gauging temperatures. Hit the corresponding temperature button and off you go!


E-nails, handhelds, and vaporizers offer temperature controls over your heating elements to ensure that you’re not using a burnt product. An e-nail is the right way to go if you want to match a specific heating temperature. It also preserves the vapor better than your common domed-nail.



Learning to dab properly is an excellent skill to add to your vaping portfolio, especially if you want to discover a unique way to experience the product. A quality dab rig will help you achieve the most potent hits out of all other forms of vaping and smoking. The only downfall is that traditional dabbing requires a number of tools along with perfect timing when lighting your nail. Understanding the value of finding the sweet spot of the ideal high know that there are subtle differences between different vaping mediums.


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