Temperature - How It Affects Your Vaping Experience

on September 23, 2020
why vape temperature matters


Without saying, temperature is one of the biggest factors in offering consistently smooth vape sessions.  Manufacturers have been packing their vaporizers with extra features and flexible temperature settings to help you get the most out of your cannabis.  


Why Temperature Matters 

Although it may seem like such a minor factor at first, the truth is that heat plays a big role in determining the quality of your vaporizing experience. After all, how can temperature not have this major role when it’s directly responsible for heating your bud or extracts?


From a general standpoint, you will most likely notice that vape temperature settings control the quality of the smoke or vapor you draw in, the flavors, and the overall delivery of effects. Your vaporizer heat settings are the glue that holds the quality of your canna consumption experience together!


What Temperature do we Recommend?

Now that you know the fundamentals and have determined why it matters to pay attention to the heat of your vaporizer, you now need to know the optimal temperature for prime vaping experiences. Generally, you’ll want to work with low-temperature vaping and work your way up. Such products are so sensitive to the point where even the slightest changes make a huge difference in the overall effects!


Let’s go over a low-temperature setting in greater detail:


Low-Temperature Vaping 

Oftentimes, we highly recommend that anyone who buys from our expansive list of products use low to medium-low temperature vaping as their method of choice because of how it bears the total package.


Typically set at 374℉ or lower or 3.0V (for 510 threaded vapes) or lower, a lower heat setting provides a slower yet thorough burning experience that leads to a better and more balanced flavor delivery experience. Aside from being the most flavorful option, low-temperature vaping also burns less product and renders less impact on your lungs because it delivers a thinner vapor and cooler smoke, meaning that you can avoid the unwanted coughing fits.


Other than its benefits, we usually recommend low-temperature vaping because it delivers the most optimal usage and activation of terpenes that creates a rich flavor and aroma. On top of all this, lower settings are recommended because you get the combination of flavor and effects along with the added benefit of preserving your cannabis buds or extracts longer.



If you want to have the most enjoyable 420 vape sessions possible, there’s no doubt that choosing the right temperature settings on your device will make a world of difference. Through the help of this guide, you can make the right choices when setting up your vaporizer so that you’ll never have to worry about a bad session ever again!


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