The Benefits of Ceramic Wicks vs. Traditional Cotton Wicks

on May 14, 2019

What are the benefits of ceramic cartridges versus traditional cotton wicks? It all depends on who you ask. Some people who are new to vaping are oblivious to whether or not their wicks are made of cotton or if they are ceramic. How do you tell the difference? Beyond asking someone when purchasing how does the average consumer know if their wick is ceramic or cotton?

Usually, a visual inspection will help you identify the difference. Cotton wicks are visibly noticeable in comparison to a ceramic element. Another difference in the two lies within how they work to vaporize e-liquid. Ceramic is porous and the liquid being vaped is absorbed through these pores. With cotton wicks, the cotton is used to absorb the liquid being vaped but has a short period before it burns out. Ceramic wicks are supposed to provide richer flavor and offer longevity of use in comparison to cotton wicks.

Cotton Wicks

Cotton wicks became popular as more people start vaping. Cotton seems to be the right choice for absorbing e-juice delivering it to the atomizer to be vaped. Cotton does have a few drawbacks when it's used for vaping though. Quite possibly the most significant disadvantage comes from not using the right type of cotton. Not any cotton will do when it's being used for a wick on a vape device. 

Most regular cotton has been bleached and contains other harmful additives such as pesticides, chemical residue, and more. These are all things you do not want to vape. When using cotton for a wick on a vape device, the best advice is to use unbleached organic cotton. It's recommended to boil the cotton for 10 minutes, drain all the water out, reboiled for another 10 minutes, rung out, and you're ready to make a wick.

Should you experience crackling or popping while vaping with cotton wicks, your voltage could be too high. When this happens, you may even experience a burnt flavor to your vape. For many people, cotton is where they start before ending up with another style wick. There are also silica, rayon, stainless steel, hemp, and other types of wicks. As people become more familiar with their vaping device and preferences, many opt for ceramic wicks.

Ceramic Wicks

Ceramic wicks have grown in popularity because of the things such as their increased life span, lack of burnt flavoring, and no spit back or e-liquid being rejected from the coil making its way to your mouth. Ceramic wicks are also known for enhancing the flavor of your e-liquid. Being that ceramic is porous it draws the e-liquid into it allowing the element to heat it to perfection. The downside of ceramic is the limited options available for coils and tanks. They also are known to drink up the juice and may pose a potential health concern not present from cotton wicks.

One concern is that ceramic wicks could potentially become damaged causing small amounts of microscopic jagged material to be inhaled. Over a long period of time this could cause complications. Individuals who work with ceramic and other various forms of stone cutting regularly run the risk of being exposed to a medical condition called silicosis. Since the average person who vapes will hit a vape pen dozens to hundreds of times a week this could potentially be an issue.

The Great Debate – Cotton or Ceramic?

Vaping with ceramic versus vaping with cotton wicks will most likely remain a debate amongst those who vape. As this trend continues to grow in popularity, more research into the pros and cons of vaping are bound to take place. These studies might show favor towards one or the other, but it is most likely that people will still choose to use what they like best. If someone experiences better results from a cotton wick, most likely that's what they'll stick with. 

Should a person have, a better experience with a ceramic wick chance are that's what they'll stick to. Vaping offers consumers a different approach to analog smoking. You remove the nasty carcinogens, unpleasant smell, and potential of burning your clothes and ruining them with ashes. Many people find this favorable and for this reason amongst many others vaping seems to be a hit with consumers. What's your favorite way to vape, cotton wicks or ceramic? Do you know of advantages or disadvantages of either that are not mentioned above? If so, let us know and share with others your experience in the comments below.