The Best Temperature to Vape Weed

on August 14, 2019

What is the best temperature to vapor weed? This is a question that has crossed the mind of many cannabis vaping enthusiasts at one time or another. Newbies in particular are often curious about which temperatures they should use when vaping. What is the correct answer? When it comes to vaping dry herb or oils there is no cut and dry ‘correct’ answer. Different vaping temperatures will have different effects. If this sounds very vague to you, don't panic!

In this article we will take a look at the most used temperature ranges in weed vaping and as well as their most noticeable effects. Armed with this knowledge you will be able to select the best temperature to vape your weed in order to get the effects that you desire. 

Low Temps: 320°F(160°C) – 356°F(180°C)

At the lower end of the vaping temperature scale the temperatures are between 320 - 356°F. These low temperatures are a great starting point for beginners or anyone who wants to experiment with the effects of different vaping temperatures. The boiling point of THC (the main psychoactive component of cannabis that is responsible for the ‘high’ feeling) is 315°F. This means that if you want to experience any of the euphoric THC effects, your vaping temperature should ideally start at about 320°F to ensure that some THC is volatilized.

Vaping at these lower temperature ranges is also excellent for producing the best flavors from your weed. The low temperatures allow the fresh, fruity and sometimes piney terpene flavors to really stand out. Persons who really appreciate these flavors when they are vaping will tend to stick to the lower end of the temperature range as this is where the strongest flavors are produced. 

Low Temps Marijuana Vaping

Another benefit of vaping at low temperatures is that it creates a very smooth vapor that is not harsh and is therefore easy on your throat. No coughing here. Vaping enthusiasts with sensitive throats will be able to appreciate this benefit of using low temperatures. What’s more, many of the unwanted side effects of vaping, such are red eyes, lethargy and dry mouth are not experienced or are very mild when you vape at low temperatures. 

Mid Range: 356°F(180°C) – 392°F(200°C)

In the mid range of vaping temperatures, weed with obviously exposed to higher temperatures than in the lower range. These temperatures typically range from 356 - 392°F. Here more THC is being volatilized and so you will experience a stronger psychoactive effect. If you are looking for a nice balance of flavor and feeling ‘high’, the mid range temperatures will give you just that. 

The vapors product in this temperature range will be warmer and thicker. The thick, warm vapor makes this range popular with people who have given up smoking to adopt the vaping lifestyle. Both a mental high and a body high can be experienced in this range. It is not guaranteed but you may very well get feelings of lethargy and it is best to experiment with these temperatures after you have completed your to-do list for the day. 

High Temps: 392°F(200°C) - 428°F(220°C)

Vaping at very high temperatures between 392°F and 428°F is for persons who want to have the ‘highest’ vaping experience. Maximum THC is volatilized resulting in a very strong body high that is usually accompanied with feelings of lethargy, relaxation and euphoria. For this reason vaping at high temperatures is usually reserved for nighttime sessions when you can just relax. 

There isn't much flavor produced at temperatures above 392°F. If you want to taste the flavorful terpenes you will be better off vaping at lower temperatures. The vapor created at these high temperatures can also get very hot and is known to be harsh on your throat. This harshness tends to cause coughing, especially in persons who are not accustomed to vaping at these high temperatures. 

High Temps Marijuana Vaping

The intense feelings of euphoria and the strong body high produced make vaping in the high range very popular among vaping enthusiasts. The noticeable side effects such as the harsh vapor and strong feelings of lethargy make it less desirable for some, although there are people who actually enjoy the thick vapor because it creates an experience reminiscent of smoking. 

Notable Mentions

All things being considered, it is important to note that the vaping temperature is only one factor that affects your vaping experience. There are other factors that can significantly affect the effect that you get when you vape. Some of these factors are:

    • The strain of weed used. Every strain has different amounts of THC, CBD, terpenes etc. The percentage of these components in different cannabis strains will create different effects when vaped. 
    • Your personal experience. The effect that vaping has on a beginner will almost certainly be starkly different from the effect it will have on a long time cannabis connoisseur. It may take one or 2 puffs at moderate temperatures for a newbie to experience a euphoric effect from a THC heavy strain, while an experienced vapor enthusiast with a high tolerance level may need to have several puffs at higher temperatures to experience an effect. 
    • The type of vaporizer. There are many vaporizers available in the global marketplace and it seems like new models are introduced everyday. Different vaporizers have different features, temperature capabilities and they will create unique effects. 

You should also note that even though the temperatures in the ‘High’ range can go up to 428°F, vaping weed at temperatures about 392°F puts you at risk of inhaling toxic by products like benzene

The best temperature to vape weed is a very personal choice. You can use the information presented in this article as a guide to help you, but you will ultimately need to experiment with different temperatures to find the range that gives you the results you desire.

Marijuana Vaping Notable Mentions

Starting with lower temperatures and slowly working your way up the ranges is a great way to test out the different effects for yourself. Some vape enthusiasts choose to use different temperatures for different occasions. For example, you may choose to vape in the lower temperature range during the daytime so you can still get things done, and switch to higher temperatures in the nighttime since they are known to produce strong feelings of lethargy.