The Best Vape Temperature for Your Dry Herbs

on February 01, 2021
The Best Temperature for Your Dry Herb Vaporizer


Vaporizers are becoming increasingly popular since more people are becoming health conscious and have recognized benefits of portability without combustion. Smoking and vaporizing work differently and can give you a slightly similar experience; however, the effects you get are completely different.


When you smoke, you light your herbs with flames, and you get 10% cannabinoids when you inhale the smoke. Additionally, when you smoke, you also take in toxic by-products like carbon monoxide, benzene, tar, and more. These harmful chemicals are what you need to avoid, especially if you're using cannabis for medical purposes.


On the other hand, vaporizers lightly heat your dry herbs until terpenes and cannabinoids reach their boiling point. With this method, the harmful, carcinogenic plant matter is left behind. For this reason alone, many people would instead use this alternative to reap the benefits of cannabis.


However, there are a bunch of things you need to consider when you're dealing with vaporizers, one of which is using the right temperature to heat your concentrates. But how do you know you're using the best temperature to vape weed and concentrates?


What's the Ideal Temperature for Your Vape?

The ideal baseline temperature to vape dry herbs are between 320°F to 428°F (160° and 220°C). When you go lower than that, nothing will heat up the herbs, and evaporation won't take place. But if you smoke higher than the recommended temperature, you are at risk of combustion.


Truth be told, there isn't a "best" temperature to vape weed and concentrate. But there is, however, the perfect temperature for you, depending on the vaping experience you're after.


Sadly, many people are only familiar with one type of compound, which is THC. In reality, cannabis is a complex plant that contains thousands of compounds, each having its own individual effects on our bodies when vaped in different temperatures.


To give you an idea of the different effects of temperature, here's a quick overview. Smoking below 374°F (190°C) will provide you with a head high, but when you go beyond that, you'll get a more intense, body-induced high. On the other hand, smoking beyond 410°F (210°C) can be critical as the plant matter may combust.


Different Types of Cannabinoids, Various Temperatures, and Their Effects

As mentioned earlier, cannabis is an incredibly complex plant carrying thousands of cannabinoids. For this reason, you'll get various effects in different temperature settings. Some of them include the following:


  • THC-A - 221°F (105°C): This setting is believed to be effective against muscle spasms and epilepsy;
  • THC - 314.6°F (157°C): For the most sought-after cannabinoids, this temperature setting provides psychoactive properties and gives the user a sense of euphoria, relaxation, and calm;
  • CBD - 320°F - 356°F(160°C - 180°C): This range is compound, and temperature range is typical for medicinal users as it counters the adverse effects of THC, reducing anxiety and paranoia;
  • CBN - 365°F (185° C): This compound breaks down THC and can have a sedative effect;
  • CBC - 428°F (220° C): Effective at reducing stress and has anti-inflammatory properties.


The Bottom Line: Every Temperature Will Affect Your Vaping Experience — It's a Matter of Finding What Works Best for You

There is no best temperature for vaping weed and concentrates. Instead, figure out what effect and experience you're after and find the range and compound that could give you that. Knowing what experience you want to get will completely change the game of your vaping sessions.


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