The Reported Benefits of CBD

on April 09, 2019

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Cannabidiol also called CBD is all the buzz for a cannabinoid that produces little to no buzz. CBD is found in medical cannabis and industrial hemp. The CBD that is legal across America comes from industrial hemp and contains virtually no THC. Many people refer to CBD as the nonintoxicating cannabinoid that comes from cannabis.

CBD may have adverse effects when taken by those who have existing mental health problems or those who have autism. Other than that, CBD can be taken by everyone in your family including dogs, cats, or horses. CBD has loads of reported benefits.

In this article, we’re going to explore some of the condition’s consumers report CBD to help with and just how CBD is helping. There is a cloud of confusion when it comes to this widely misunderstood cannabinoid. Let’s clear the air and remove some of the confusion about CBD exploring its reported benefits and myths. One of the most common questions or concerns is will CBD give me a buzz or high?

Will CBD Give Me A Buzz or High?

CBD will not create a high or buzz with the majority of consumers. With this in mind, you must consider potential allergic reactions to certain terpenes or possibly even cannabinoids in such a vast consumer base. The official answer to if CBD will get you high is no.

There have been reports of 510 cartridges that contained CBD vape oil also having other substances like melatonin. Melatonin could react with certain prescription medication potentially causing adverse health effects. Even worse some CBD vape oils have been found to contain synthetic cannabinoids which could result in consumers feeling a buzz or high. Here are some of the current federally banned synthetic cannabinoid blends:


         5C-MN-24 (5-C-NNEI)


         5F-ADB (5F-MDMB-PINACA)



         5F-JWH-122 (MAM-2201, 4-Methyl-AM-2201)

Reported Health Benefits of CBD

Consumer reports show overwhelming support of CBD as a natural medicine for a wide variety of symptoms and conditions. There are also studies that suggest consumer reports are correct regarding the healing attributes found with CBD. Let's look at a list of some of the potential health benefits consumers may receive from CBD.



         Inhibits cancer cell growth

         Promote bone growth

         Reduce muscle spasms

         Reduce convulsions and seizures

         Reduce blood sugar levels

         Reduce small intestine contractions

         Pain reliever

         Anxiety reliever



When it comes to the many different conditions people suffer from today, it would seem that CBD helps with an awful lot of them. Let's look at some of the reported ailments consumers and studies suggest that CBD could help.










         Kidney disease




         Mood disorders





         Spinal cord injuries

         Multiple sclerosis

         Sleeping disorders



As you can see, there are a wide variety of symptoms and conditions that CBD may help with. Studies suggest CBD holds all different types of medical attributes. With industrial hemp becoming legal in the US the door for research was opened into this misunderstood cannabinoid.

Crafting Your Own CBD Products

While regulations are figuring out how to produce a safe consumer market some consumers are taking matters into their own hands by crafting their own essential oil products. The DIY community has all sorts of recipes online for making your own health and wellness products. Lotions, soaps, creams, sprays, roll-ons, and more containing CBD and/or other essential plant oils have been trending drastically in the past couple years. 

Regardless of whether or not you craft your own CBD products or buy them from a trusted certified and credible source, you stand to gain loads of potential health benefits by incorporating CBD into your daily regimen. Consumer choice seems to sway towards full spectrum CBD that helps to attribute to the entourage effect.

What This Amazing Cannabinoid Could Do for the Planet

CBD is showing great promise at becoming an essential part of everyone’s daily life. Cannabinoid deficiencies are real. Legal CBD can help this genuine problem to become a thing of the past. The promise CBD is showing in studies with helping addiction alone is impressive.

CBD isn’t only good for you; it’s also good for the planet. CBD can help repair damage we’ve done to our air and soil through phytoremediation like what’s happening at the Chernobyl disaster site.

“Hemp and the Chernobyl Phytoremediation Project. For almost two decades, industrial hemp growing in the environs of the abandoned Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Pripyat, Ukraine has been helping to reduce soil toxicity.”-Sensi Seeds

As you can see, CBD is good for the planet and those who live on it. Lets CBD our way to a healthier, happier, greener tomorrow by sharing all that this misunderstood phytocannabinoid can do with the world.