The Rise of Essential Oils for Vaping

on April 16, 2019

Cannabis oil extraction is growing in popularity these days. People are returning to their roots. They’re using roots as well as other parts of plants and trees to make all kinds of medicines and remedies. Plant medicine is as old as people. It’s what synthetic medicine is based off of.

Getting away from synthetic medicines that are harming so many people is appealing to those who are in positions where medication is suggested or needed. Plant medicine is becoming the new old in trend for treating what ails you.

Essential oils are one of the more popular trends with plant medicines. Among this trend, vaping essential oils seems to be cultivating unprecedented support as a form of medicine and a recreational pastime. Cannabis oil is possibly one of the most popular essential oils holding the top spot in many conversations regarding recreation and health.

Cannabis isn’t the only essential oil around town that people are vaping down these days. There are companies catering to a growing demand for electronic essential oil vape pens that are CBD and THC free. These electronic essential oil vaporizer pens filled with a wide array of essential oil blends and terpenes without any trace of cannabis.

510 Thread Oil Vape Pens 

Oil vape pens also sometimes referred to as an oil vaporizer pen are available in disposable and refillable varieties. They come in all shapes and sizes from small and discreet to loud and sheik. Today’s essential oil consumers are evolving to be a health-conscious consumer base that’s more aware of what goes into their body.

Most commercial products contain additives and some even mislabeled information. You really have to trust a company to put what they sell into your body. This is quite possibly why so many consumers are turning to the trend of making their own essential oils to vape.

The many different 510 vape pens out there are serving the growing demand for the DIY crowd. These pens are called 510 vape pens because of the size of the threading where you attach your 510 essential oil vape cartridge.

510 Vape Cartridge and Essential Oils

You can make a blend of essential oil to vape at home if you have a few things on hand. You’ll need some extracts like CBD/MCT oil, distillate or wax, liquid terpenes, 510 vape cartridge, refill syringes, a beaker, and a hot plate. 

510 thread vape hardware is he consumer looking to craft their own essential oil vape cartridges at home find that 510 is a friend when it comes to a universal cartridge that fits most vape batteries on the market today.

A 510 Battery is Essential to Vaping Essential Plant oils

A 510-thread battery is the most common oil vape pen battery. They come in disposable and rechargeable styles. They fit all 510 cartridges though some may not perform optimally due to restricted air flow issues depend on the battery, cartridge, and essential oil being vaped.

Get your hands on a 510 battery and some 510 vape cartridges and you are one step closer to crafting your own custom vaping experience. You can make your own CBD or THC oil to vape or even go with making a unique blend of custom essential oils.

There are countless recipes for making your own essential oil vape oil online. Simply do a little research and find the method that best suits you and give it a try. Nobody will know what is perfect the first time. It takes a bit of trial and error to get a blend that is custom fit to your taste preference and desired goals. In no time at all, you will be making your own DIY essential oil blends at home like a pro.

Essential Oil Vaping Trending

CBD vaporizers, CBD vape pens, vape pens for distillate, 510 vape cartridges, these are just some of the vaping products that are in demand today. If you have interest in learning more about vaping essential oils or crafting your own, start by getting the basics.

If you are ready to get started but aren’t quite sure where to go, head to the shop at Session Vapor to be on your way to a tasty essential oil infused vape experience.