The Run Down on Cannabis Vaporizer Atomizers

on November 10, 2020
the run down on cannabis vaporizer atomizers


Smoking is about to become a thing of the past, with plenty of new non-combustable products surfacing in the market. Those who were used to smoking now have vapes they can use as a healthier alternative. Additionally, those who love marijuana and CBD but aren’t exactly all that comfortable with smoking a joint or taking massive bong rips can indulge in dab pens and electronic dab rigs that only produce vapor.


Thanks to cannabis concentrate products like "dabs" or "wax", there are newer ways to enjoy getting as high as a kite. Not only do you receive a more significant hit from the high potency of dabs, but you also end up with vapor instead of smoke, which makes it better for your lungs. Buying an electric dab rig is one of the best ways to experience this new-age cannabis product, and here is a quick rundown as to how it works:


The Magical Cannabis Atomizer

Just like a vape device, the vaporizer’s atomizer doesn’t utilize combustion to produce the vapor from your marijuana concentrate. Using a coil that vaporizes the waxy substance placed on the nail allows users to have a smoother experience without the production of smoke. These particles are not gaseous and can be formed using dry herbs, oil-based concentrates, and even wax dabs. Since the substances placed in the atomizer are heated instead of burnt, the taste you get from each session is incredible and has a full range of terpenes and flavors.


Atomizers are simple in build, as it has a heating coil made out of a wire, which then heats the cannabis product inside to create vapor for you to inhale. The difference here is that there is no burning of dry herb or waxes, which often produces the thick smoke that some people dislike.


These atomizers typically require regular proper cleaning, as the dabs’ waxy residue might damage your e-rigs’ functionality. There are various types of cannabis atomizers, which you can find in different oil and dab pens.



The world of vaping cannabis is the modern way to enjoy marijuana and CBD in it's most potent form without risking inhaling any toxic smoke. While smoking a joint remains the staple for most cannabis users, there are now better and healthier options with an even more potency. With the rise of weed vapes and dab pens, vaping weed has never been better and more smooth.


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