The Science Behind Smoking Weed (And Why You Should Vape Instead)

on December 21, 2020
The Science Behind Smoking Weed (And Why You Should Vape Instead)


The beauty of cannabis is that it has now become so popular and prevalent that there are nearly countless ways to consume it. Not only can it be rolled into a blunt and smoked, it can be turned into a vapor, concentrated into a wax, or even turned into a patch on the skin. With these nearly endless options, you can tailor the consumption to your preferences at an unprecedented level—to the joy of many online vape shops.


There remains, however, a longstanding debate that still plagues establishments that provide cannabis and online vape shops: is it better to take a big hit or a small hit?


In this article, we are going to go over the science behind smoking weed to find out whether big hits or small hits provide a better experience.

A Look at Lung Function

One strange fact about the average person is that they actually do not breathe efficiently, nor are the lungs efficient at absorbing or processing oxygen. While the average set of lungs can take in 1.5 gallons of air, most people do not inhale to their fullest lung capacity with every breath.


If the body were efficient at absorbing the necessary chemicals from air, it could take in those gallons of air and go without breathing for a while. Instead, we take shallower and more frequent breaths. This is a habit that often goes unnoticed unless you intentionally train to increase your lung capacity.


What Does This Mean for Inhaling THC or CBD?

As has been shown, there is an upper limit to your lung’s absorption capacity. Your body can only take in so much from the same gulp of air before needing to exhale. That means taking a big hit while vaping or smoking weed has its limits. While it might make you believe that you are making the most of each draw, you might end up wasting more of it than you think.


THC and CBD is also quickly absorbed into the body. Once a hit has been taken, 95% of the THC in the smoke has likely been absorbed into the bloodstream. Holding your breath longer than you need to might just end up with you coughing or dizzy (which can be mistaken for a high itself).


How Should I Change my Habits?

As with our lungs and our absorption of air, the trick is not long and deep breaths. The body will be able to take in more THC with shorter and shallower breaths. In essence, it is easier to get higher if you smoke more. No trick with deep breaths can actually help you absorb more of cannabis’ active ingredients. The answer, quite simply, is to just smoke more weed.


It also might be better to use more efficient methods of consumption than smoking. Vaping, for example, is a superior alternative, especially since the controlled heat allows for better activation of THC. You don’t have to worry about the temperature being too high or low, and the concentrated vapors also allow for more efficient absorption of cannabis into the system.


Final Thoughts

If you still feel like taking a big hit is the better experience for you, go for it. While the science is showing that shorter and more frequent draws are better and more effective, it is about your personal preferences at the end of the day.


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