Tips to Enjoy Your Dabbing Experience

on May 03, 2020

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Smoking is out, vaping and dabbing is in. Many people these days seem to be transitioning to dabbing, a process that involves inhaling vapor produced through heating up CBD or THC concentrates . The finished product is a super potent product that can be a sticky extract or a dry crumble. With dabbing, all you have to do is heat your nail—and then dab your extract on the nail and inhale. It's that easy.


Benefits of Dabbing

For some people, dabbing is basically unheard of, which is a shame, because it delivers euphoric, powerful effects when done safely using quality concentrates. Solid concentrates can sometimes contain over 80% THC or CBD, while the average THC or CBD content for flower material is just 15-20%! Many medical patients can turn to dabbing their favorite solid THC or CBD concentrates to quickly ease their discomfort. 

Additionally, dabbing is also a much healthier form of cannabis consumption without any combustion involved. If properly prepared, it eliminates a lot of the additives and leaves only the active compounds in cannabis like CBD, THC, and terpenes.


Dabbing for Maximum Enjoyment.

If you're only starting to embrace the dabbing process, here are some tips that can help you achieve maximum enjoyment.


Gather Necessary Hardware & Tools.

This is a no brainer, but you will need to gather the right supplies and hardware for an enjoyable dabbing session. You would need a dab rig, a dabbing tool, and some solid THC or CBD extract. It would also help if you had an electric dab rig or e-nail for added convenience. Some people even opt to go for a full dabbing station!


The Setting Matters.

For you to truly enjoy your dabbing session, you must choose a safe environment with an experienced dabber, if possible. Being calm during your dabbing session is important since the experience can be overwhelming for beginners. Most concentrates contain 60% or more of THC, and the effects can be intense if you have a low tolerance.


Find Your Ideal Temperature.

Did you know that there is an art to heating your dab nail? Too much heat will bypass vaporization and go straight to combustion, resulting in bad flavors and harsh smoke—you don't want that. Meanwhile, too little heat and your hit will feel like a waste of time, money, and effort with half melted wax on your nail—you don't want this, either. The best way to consistently dab at the perfect temperature is to buy a highly-rated e-rig like the KandyPens Oura, Puffco Peak, or Pulsar RoK. These electronic dab rigs designed to be portable and are less prone to breaking than a traditional glass dab rig, with the added bonus of a pre-set heat settings at the touch of a button.

Take it Easy.

If you're dabbling into dabbing for the first time, you'll want to be cautious of the size of dab you take. It's recommended that you start off slow with a small amount to figure out what your tolerance is. 

Dabbing is a modernized approach to smoking CBD and THC products. If you want to try it out, secure your necessary hardware and accessories with us at Session Vapor. We have a huge selection of e-rigs, e-nails, and much more!