Understanding Cannabis Potency - How It All Changed Through Time

on April 20, 2020

cannabis leaf

The world of cannabis has seen various changes throughout the decades, and it continues to move forward as multiple states in the world are approving its legalization.


In 2020, more and more Western countries are inching towards decriminalizing and regulating the production of medical marijuana, especially since different industries infuse the wonder herbs benefits into their products.


However, of the many people worldwide who consume cannabis, only a small percentage understand the importance of its potency and the relevance of its increase over the years.


Cannabis, as you know, is lightyears more potent compared to the all-time winner of Cannabis Cup strains in the 1970s, and its dramatic changes are primarily due to innovative and smarter methods of production.


How is Cannabis Stronger Compared to its Previous Generations? 

The boost in potency compared over the years has spiked up exponentially as the average THC level skyrocketed from 8 percent to 12 percent from 1995 to 2014, according to a study on Changes in Cannabis Potency Over the Last Two Decades


If you want to put it into context, you’d see some of the top-shelf strains of the ‘90s having only 4 to 10 percent THC potency, while heavy-hitters of today can reach as high as 30 to 37 percent or more, as found from the National Center for Natural Products Research.


Understanding the Potency of THC and CBD in Cannabis 

If you’re still getting into the world of cannabis, you should know that marijuana contains hundreds of cannabinoids, all of which are acting together in what you would call the “Entourage Effect” when providing its benefits.


In that regard, THC is the famous and primary one as it facilitates the iconic, psychoactive effect cannabis is well-known for. CBD, on the other hand, is another essential cannabinoid as its medicinal properties have made it popular as an alternative medicine today.


Modern growers now marry different strains to create new results and increase the potency - be it focusing on THC for recreation purposes or improving CBD levels for medicinal use. Combine that with today’s different methods of cultivation—from hydroponic growing to better, outdoor conditions, it’s no surprise how the potency of cannabis has gone up by orders of magnitude. 


Selecting Cannabis Strains According to the Potency of its THC/CBD Ratio 

Whether for recreational or medical use, every individual responds differently to cannabis strains. If you want to promote proper usage, the golden rule is to always start by choosing a THC/CBD with an equal 1:1 ratio.


Choosing a harmonious balance between THC and CBD can mitigate the overwhelming, psychotropic effects of the herb, allowing you to maximize its benefits.


In Conclusion: The Importance of Understanding Cannabis Potency for Your Dosage 

From little-to-no potency to see an arm’s race to producing some of the strongest marijuana strains to-date, the world of cannabis today is seeing another shift as the science behind its proper cultivation is coming to spotlight now that many states in the West are legalizing and regulating its production.


Understanding the importance of potency and the THC/CBD ratio is crucial if you want to enjoy the best high. Beyond that, though, the equipment you use will have a major effect on your vaporizing experience. Why not make sure your kit is outfitted with nothing but the best? Shop our online store for high-quality vaporizers, e-rigs, and other vaping accessories today.