Vape Pen Won't Charge? - Here's What You Should Do

on January 25, 2021
vape pen won't charge - here's what you should do - weed dab pens


A vape pen that is not charging can be a new user’s worst nightmare, but don’t buy a new battery just yet. This article will tell you why this can happen and what you should do before buying a replacement. Understanding the reasons behind the issue can help you avoid them in the future.


Vape Battery Won't Charge: What You Should Do 

The first thing you should do is to confirm if the real issue is indeed your battery. There could be many reasons your vape is not firing the way it used to. Here are some simple ways to determine the real cause behind the issue:


1. Restart your Vape

Some devices malfunction due to small technical errors, and, sometimes, turning them on and off serves as an easy fix. If your vape returns to normal after doing this, then the issue is not its battery. However, if it still did not turn on, proceed to the next steps.


2. Check for Possible Charging Issues

When a battery is not charging, it could be a problem in the or a charging process problem or the battery itself. To determine this, enact the following steps:


  • See if your adapter has a problem. Some chargers come with a cord and an adapter. An error can occur if the owner replaces it with a different and incompatible one. Most cables and adapters come in pairs because they are specifically designed to deliver the right power needed by your device. A sudden change can lead to poor charging and eventual issues in the device.  Always follow the manufacturer's directions to ensure that your device is getting the adequate power it needs.


  • Check if your cord is acting up. Cables usually wear out after some time. If you do find a problem, you should only buy cords that are compatible with your vape.


  • Plug your device in properly. Sometimes, it’s just the little details. A loose adapter or connector could result in charging issues. You may have been plugging your device the wrong way all this time. Make sure to push the adapter all the way into the wall socket and to connect the cord to the device properly.


  • Check if the battery is debris-free. Dirt can accumulate and block the contact points of your battery. Clear the debris with a dry cloth or tissue, then see if it’s finally working.


If it still doesn’t work after all these steps, then it’s time to replace your battery.



The vape battery can malfunction for many various reasons. It could have been mishandled in more than one way or from a malfunctioning cartridge. Before you decide to purchase a new one, it would be best to eliminate all potential causes. By doing so, you might learn to prevent problems with future batteries.


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