Vaping 101 - How to Clean Your Weed Vaporizer

on January 10, 2021
Vaping 101 - How to Clean Your Weed Vaporizer


In recent years, enjoying marijuana and CBD has become far more enjoyable than ever, thanks to the introduction of the modern vaporizer.


Whether you’re looking for a more convenient way to enjoy the benefits for medical purposes or you just need an easier way to enjoy recreational cannabis, there’s no doubt that a vaporizer is a perfect fit. With dozens of options available on the California market alone, a more convenient, safer, and more enjoyable way to vape your favorite herbs and extracts is more accessible than ever.


What’s Next After Getting Your New Vaporizer? 

After spending a bit of time researching, comparing options, and surfing Session Vapor’s online store, you’ve finally settled on the perfect vaporizer for your needs and ordered it in a heartbeat.


Once your vaporizer arrives, you’ll quickly realize that the experience that you’re having with it is one that represents its capabilities in all its glory. With quick boot-up times, thorough and even heating, and controlled housing temperatures, it’s clear to you why this little device has been trending in recent years. 


However, this wonderful experience of well-balanced, well-heated, and enjoyable vape sessions with your nifty little device will cause you to ask one question: “How can I keep my device in perfect shape?”


How To Keep Your Vape Well-Maintained & Clean

Like any other device or enjoyable investment, vaporizers require proper cleaning to stay in perfect shape, and your nifty new smoke tool isn’t an exception.


As you grow accustomed to your new vaporizer and use it more often, it will eventually pack on more bits and pieces of gunks and burns that can compromise the way it feels, works, and looks. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with this guide to everything that you need to know about caring for your vaporizer:


Refer To Your Manual  

Generally, care tips about cleaning your vaporizer or dab pen can always be found in the manual that came with it. Although it may seem simple and direct, the instructions in the manual all paint a picture of what you need to know to approach the cleaning and maintenance process the right way while clearing up any precautions. Additionally, brushing up on the text in your manual will make it easier to know what other intricacies you need to watch out for, making it easier to keep everything spick-and-span in the long run!


Learn About Vape Maintenance 

When it comes to keeping your vaporizer clean, the process at hand involves stocking up on the necessary equipment, dedicating yourself to one cleaning day every two weeks, and performing the right tasks.


For the cleaning equipment, you’ll need to stock up on q-tips, rubbing alcohol, paper towels, and sharp, clean pointed items (such as toothpicks or needles). Once you’ve put the necessary equipment together, you can perform different regular cleaning tasks, such as:


  • Taking the vape apart for a thorough clean of every component
  • Removing gunk and grime from the small crevices of the port where you insert your herbs
  • Brushing metal parts that may have lost their sheen after prolonged use



When it comes to prolonging the life of your vaporizer and making sure that it works as it should over a longer period, there’s no doubt that the right cleaning practices will go a long way. Thankfully, closely following this guide will ensure that you have years (or even decades) of amazing vaping sessions with your beloved device!


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