Vaping 101 - The Dangers of Overcharging Your Vape Battery

on October 20, 2020
Vape 101 - The Dangers of Overcharging Your Vape Battery


The popularity of vaping continues to rise amongst almost all countries and demographics with good reason. With its promise of a better investment with health being a leading factor, many people are dropping their bongs and pipes for a quality vaporizer. However, not everyone is familiar with vape maintenance, especially since each component is breakable and replaceable. In particular, a vape battery requires proper care to in order to extend its lifespan.


Understanding the Dangers of Overcharging 

Vape batteries are one of the most important components of a vaporizer and must be taken care of. A vape battery usually consists of lithium-ions to hold energy. It has a set amount of electrical charge it can contain. Going past its limit will be similar to filling a balloon with too much air until it pops. Both veterans and newcomers to the vaping scene need to be cautious when handling their vape batteries. Like any appliance or device, overcharging can compromise its quality and performance.


Overcharging Hurts Long-Term Battery Performance

Every battery has a set life span, whether they're disposable or rechargeable. For weed vaporizers, their batteries also have a limit of charging cycles before it starts losing its practical use. Overcharging your batteries results in maintaining constant energy within its cells, which reduces a battery's capacity to hold a charge. It stresses it to the point that it speeds up its life expectancy much sooner than intended.


Overcharging Leads to Potential Battery Explosions

Besides shortening your battery's lifespan, overcharging can also lead to explosions. Excess charges in your vape battery will force it to discharge its extra energy. This can manifest in battery cracks that can reach its lithium-ion core. It then causes the leak to trigger an explosion from the overheating and constant cooling.


The process isn't immediate since you'll notice a few signs before it happens. Before it explodes, your battery can be at risk of releasing toxic lithium that is hazardous to ingest. If your battery is already at this stage, it's best to dispose of it properly.


Practice Proper Vape Battery Charging Habits

Paying attention to your charging habits is one way to avoid damaging your vape battery. Listed below are three charging habits you should develop.


  1. Be mindful of your battery's temperature: A hot battery during charging means that it could be physically leaking out energy. It's a sign of either a compromised battery or charger. It's best to stop using one or both of them if you've already replaced one or the other.
  2. Charge an empty battery before storing it: When you're switching batteries, it's best to charge your empty batteries before you keep it in storage. Doing so will minimize its capacity loss when not in use.
  3. Never leave your vape charging unattended: It's best to set a time limit or an alarm when charging, and don't leave it on when you leave the house or go to bed.



You won't be able to reap the health benefits of vaping if you don't know how to property maintain it's power source. Remember only to purchase vaporizers from reliable and accredited brands so that you can have premium experience with easily replaceable parts.


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