Vaping Essentials - What To Know About Vape Cartridges

on June 29, 2020

what to know about vape cartridges

Vape pens have become a popular option for people who are looking for an alternative to traditional smoking. Due to the ever-increasing health trends, vaping has become a the perfect solution for people looking to consume their marijuana and CBD products safely without any combustion involved.


Understanding Vape Cartridges 

The vape cartridge industry is booming and for good reason. Standard 510 threaded vape cartridges come empty or pre-filled and are a convenient way to consume cannabis without any of the mess and extra tools required! All you need is a cartridge and a compatible 510 thread vape pen battery for the perfect on-the-go vape experience.


If you are just starting out in the vape scene, here are three questions you might have and the answers to them:


1. “What Are Vape Cartridges?” 

Vape cartridge are usually pre-filled with a gram or half-gram of cannabis oil. Depending on the consumer, this thick oil extract may contain either THC or CBD compounds. One of the many reasons vape cartridges remain popular with both old smokers and new vapers is that they offer portability, high doses, and ease of use.


Using vape carts won’t require a learning curve every time since all brands follow a uniform 510 thread format. The portability of its size, paired with its minimalist design allows for discreet vaping without producing a noticeable trail of odor or smoke when used. 


2. “What Are The Different Types of Cartridges?” 

When you decide to pick up an oil cartridge, you'll probably choose between either distillates or CO2 extracted oils. These oils offer an extra concentrated dose of THC and/or CBD with 4-5 times the strength of standard cannabis buds! Cartridge manufacturers have been on the hunt in refining their processes to extract the cleanest and strongest oils for vape consumers. Here’s what you need to know about them:


  • Distillates: Cannabis distillate cartridges are made of highly refined oil derived from pure cannabinoids. One of its upsides is that the oil can be produced from different types of starting materials, from BHO to CO2. These are then purified with the right equipment to reach a suggested level of purity. Unfortunately, since distillates contain no residual terpenes, its viscosity levels are inherently low. Standalone distillate is a popular choice, but adding terpenes to the mix for the full "Entourage Effect" have been trending.
  • CO2 Oil: High-grade winterized CO2 oils can retain modest levels of terpenes in their material composition, which makes for an effective natural thinning agent.


3. “How Do Vape Cartridges Work?” 

Vaporizer carts need to have the right level of viscosity to make sure that they’re functioning properly with their ceramic coils. If its viscosity levels are too low or the heat settings are too high, the oils may not be able to vaporize properly.


They work together with the use of compatible 510 thread vape pen batteries. The battery will heat up the ceramic atomizer in the cart to vaporize the oil. Different vape pen batteries offer different heat temperature variations so be sure to find one that offers a lower heat setting. Higher settings are normally used for dab pen cartridges in order to vaporize solid wax concentrates.


The use of vape carts allows cannabis consumers to manage their dosing by giving a controlled dose with each inhalation at the touch of a button. This gives them full control over their vaping experience with added portability and safety.



The vape pen boom continues to rise as cannabis consumers move towards safer and more effective consumption methods. The modern health craze has pushed consumers to move towards non-combustion methods like vaping. Vaping distillate and CO2 oil cartridges also offer up to four times the strength of smoking standard cannabis buds! This allows users to consume at the touch of a button without any of the added side-effects of smoking the traditional way. 


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