Vaping Weed 101 - How To Use Your Weed Vaporizer

on July 20, 2020

how to use your weed vaporizer

With the recent boom of cannabis use along with partial legalization in the United States and full legalization in a growing number of countries, there is no doubt that its health benefits are starting to be recognized. Tons of new products and new consumption methods are rising in popularity, with some states legalizing the previously “dangerous” plant for recreational use, this means that times are indeed changing and evolving.


There is no doubt that the demand for marijuana and CBD products are growing steadily, but many people would still rather avoid inhaling smoke. Thankfully, products like ingestible oils, creams, and even concentrate forms like waxes for dabbing exist for those who are looking to benefit from marijuana or CBD without inhaling any smoke into their lungs. But if you are looking for the best way to consume with the quickest impact and longest effects, vaping for favorite dry herbs and concentrates is the way to go. 


Dry Herb Vaporizers And How To Use Them 

The dry herb vaporizer category has been one of the fastest growing vape sectors and for good reason. Users can benefit from the countless health benefits while avoiding the side effects of smoking. 

Here is our guide to be able to use your vaporizer and clean it like a pro:


     1. Charge It Up

Like many modern forms of technology, most vaporizers utilize a Micro-USB charging and can be attached to a wall adapter as if you were charging your phone. Charging it is as simple as plugging it in, but larger ones may require a proprietary charger. Some may use batteries that are either built-in or removable, in which the latter would be better for you to use because of how easy it will be to swap them out for extended periods of use.


     2. Grind Your Weed

Make sure to grind your dry herb very well, as vaporizers do not work well with chunks of weed in the chambers. Finely ground weed is the best bet as it allows the device to perform at its peak because it has a larger surface area that allows even heating, helping you tap into all the natural flavors and terpenes, without wasting any extra weed.


     3. Load The Chamber 

Once you have that nice and fluffy aromatic herb all ground up, fill it up in the chamber. Follow the packing instructions from the manual when you load up the chamber, as each one has different volumes and procedures and overpacking the chamber can cause problems.


Overpacked chambers can prevent the weed from heating up evenly, which will give you an inconsistent flavor and experience. Remember that vaping is all about airflow, and when the oven is packed too tight, air will not be able to pass through making it difficult to vape.


     4. Set The Temperatures And Inhale

Some units have temperature control, while others have presets configured. Always start out with lower temperatures to get a feel for it and increase gradually as needed. A favorite setting of the Session Vapor team is in between the 380°F and 390°F range, as we feel this is a sweet spot for both flavor and vapor production.


When inhaling, start slow and easy for the start of the session with long and smooth inhales of five to ten seconds before you exhale. Slow and steady is the best way to experience cannabis vapes.


     5. Clean The Vape Well 

Clean your unit after every few sessions to be sure that the chamber stays clean. Use a brush or the tools included in your kit and clean while the oven is still warm. This prevents residue from hardening and building up over time. Use q-tips and alcohol to clean the mouthpiece to keep germs away and airflow smooth.



While it seems like a lot more work than just rolling it up and smoking it, vaporizing weed has been rising in popularity due to its combination of stealthiness and health benefits. 


Session Vapor was founded on the basis of offering both medical and recreational cannabis users a safer alternative to smoking and a better overall vape experience. Our products allow you to enjoy your 420 with the same effects as a traditional joint would have, but without any smoke inhalation. Browse our wide selection today to see some of the best weed vaporizers available online.