What is 510 Thread?

on June 18, 2019

If you’re new to vaping, you may have heard “510 thread” being used to describe cartridges and batteries. So, what does it mean?

The term “510 thread” is used to describe a type of threading which connects batteries and vape cartridges. Usually, the cartridge measures 5mm in length and there are ten screw threads, hence the name “510”. 510 thread is a universal thread design. It is sometimes called “eGo threading”, and it has been widely accepted in the vaping community. It’s important to note, however, that there are some other configurations too, such as 808 among others.

Some batteries feature 510 threads at each end. Many mods and atomizers also have 510 threading so you can use a range of cartridges when enjoying your vape. However, not all accessories are compatible with each other, so it’s important to shop carefully.

The 510 Battery Connection

510 threads are considered to be universal. Yet, in fact not every male 510 threaded component will be compatible with all female 510 threads. In general, however, 510 battery connections are very compatible. Therefore, when you choose 510 threaded components, you have many options when it comes to selecting cartridges and batteries. With a 510 threaded device, you can customize your vape to suit your precise requirements. This is why 510 thread is so popular.

510 Threading – The Gold Standard

510 Threading – The Gold Standard 

When it comes to vaping there are many formats and styles of equipment to choose from. However, 510 thread equipment is considered to be the gold standard. It is particularly popular with anyone who is just starting out with vaping. Nevertheless, you need to check for compatibility when picking components for your vape device. Some 510 thread batteries are too powerful to work with certain cartridges. As a result, they may end up burning them. Just because the connection itself is compatible doesn’t mean the voltage will be. Doing your research is therefore vital.

There are several types and styles of 510 thread batteries available to choose from. Here are some of the most commonly found.

Pen-Style 510 Thread Batteries

Pen-style 510 thread batteries are shaped, quite literally, like a pen. Discreet and slim, they’re capable of holding their charge for reasonably long periods. The purpose of a pen-style battery is to supply the optimal level of power to the cartridge. This is why it’s vital to ensure you don’t choose a battery which is too powerful. Doing this could damage the cartridge rendering it useless.

Spinner Pen Batteries

These batteries are designed to regulate voltage by turning a dial. They also feature a firing button. Usually, spinner pen batteries have voltage ranges of between 2.0 volts and 4.0 volts. They’re extremely convenient since there’s no need to change the voltage by clicking a button a certain number of times.

Spinner Pen Batteries

Button Pen 510 Thread Batteries

Another common style of vape pen 510 thread battery features a single fire button. When you’re firing up the device, you must press down the button and hold it. It’s possible to turn this type of pen on by clicking the fire button a certain number of times consecutively. They are turned off in the same way. These batteries can also change their voltage by clicking its button three times consecutively.

eGo Batteries

Sometimes, you may hear the term “eGo threading”. This may be confusing, however it’s important to remember that eGo style batteries also have 510 threading. They are larger however.

What Should I Know About 510 Thread Battery Voltage?

510 thread batteries come in many different voltages as well as variable voltage varieties. Usually, 510 thread batteries have a voltage of between 3.3v and 4.8v.  Slim pen-style batteries will usually be at the lower end of that range. However, while this voltage is correct for some cartridges, it won’t be powerful enough for others. If you have a wickless or ccell (ceramic) cartridge, you’ll need a 510 thread battery with a higher voltage. You will probably need a 510 thread battery with a voltage of at least 3.7v.  When trying to choose the best battery for you, you should start out with the lowest possible voltage. Once you’ve determine the amount of vapor produced, you can choose increase your voltage. Alternatively, you can try a battery with a higher voltage.

Explaining 510 Thread Battery mAh

Explaining 510 Thread Battery mAh

If you’re trying to choose a 510 thread battery, you will see its mAh listed on its specs. This stands for “milliampere-hour”. Essentially, this means how long the battery will last for before needing a recharge. A battery which has a higher MAH lasts longer and won’t need to be recharged so frequently. The majority of 510 thread batteries have an mAh of between 280 and 900. Large cartridges and high voltage cartridges are usually on the higher end of that spectrum.

510 Thread Cartridge Types

Now that we’ve looked at the difference between different 510 thread batteries, we should look at compatible cartridges. You can find either pre-filled or refillable cartridges for sale which have a standard 510 thread connection. This means that you can opt for the convenience of a ready to use cartridge. Alternatively, you can save money by refilling an empty one yourself. The choice is yours. As long as you have a battery with a 510 thread connection, you can usually use these cartridges with it. This gives you the option of the simplicity of a pre-filled 510 thread cartridge or the cost-effectiveness of refillable cartridges.

Buying From A Reliable Supplier

When it comes to buying vaping equipment, it’s important to choose a reliable supplier. If you buy from a poor-quality online equipment provider, you could end up with a dangerous device. You may also end up choosing a device which doesn’t have a compatible 510 thread connection. This will restrict which cartridges or batteries you can use. As a result, your vaping experience will be severely limited. When you buy from a trustworthy and reputable supplier like Session Vapor, you can have peace of mind. You can be confident that you will be buying high-quality products which will maximize your vaping enjoyment.