Pro-V Battery - Session Vapor
Pro-V Battery - Session Vapor
Pro-V Battery - Session Vapor
Pro-V 510 Mod

Pro-V 510 Mod

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The Session Pro-V is a premium vaporizer battery tuned for performance. It's a sleek and versatile 510 threaded mod featuring a Smart LED Display, 4 Heat Settings, and a 900mAh Li-Ion Battery to take your 510 oil cartridges to the next level.

"The Session Pro-V Vaporizer is one of the best 510 batteries" - The Vape Guide


  • 4 Heat Settings 
  • 4 Smart Protection Modes
  • 900mAh Battery
  • Smart LED Display
  • Sub-Ohm Compatible
  • Universal 510 Threading
  • Pass Through Charging
Threading: 510
Battery: 900mAh Li-Ion
Variable Voltage: 2.0V (Pre-Heat) - 3.2V - 3.5V - 3.8V - 4.1V
Shell: Anodized Aluminum
Dimensions: 2'' x 0.9'' x 1.25''
C3 Cartridge
Oil Viscosity: Low to High
Capacity: 0.5ML
Coil: Ceramic
Resistance: 1.5 Ohm
Intake Hole Size: 1.1MM
Airflow: Top
Diameter: 11.2MM
1 Pro-V Battery
1 Micro-USB Charging Cable

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
The best.

I wish I would of found this battery sooner.


Bad Ass, love it.

Great Battery in a Small Package!

This battery works great! I have been using it for the past few days and it such a step up from even the best variable batteries. The following is my opinion of this product:

The power charging cord is very short but has a heavy duty rubber coated jacket, I expect the mini-usb tabs to break off before the cable fails. The downside is there is no adapter included to plug into a 110 volt outlet, and due to the draw I wouldn't recommend repeatedly using a computer port to charge this battery. So this will result in another purchase to accompany this battery.

The battery itself works well. The spring loaded center connector means all your carts make contact and fire. I have tried both top-draw and thru-draw/bottom-draw carts and both work well with this battery, although I will say the top-draw carts worked the best. I have tried this battery with three aftermarket carts and I have vaped THC oils as well as CBD oils and this battery had the power to give you a full smooth pull. The display cycles while in use and shows what ohm rating your cart is (very helpful since one of mine was running at 1.9 ohms and the other two ran at 1.5ohms), the current battery voltage level and the set voltage output. The micro controller sets everything for you so you can be a novice vapor and still sub-ohm vape without remembering to change settings. Screw your cart into the 510-thread and start drawing vapor. The charging port is on the bottom rather than the side, and the internal battery is non-replaceable so given standard lithium-ion battery standards I would expect this unit to last about two years before replacing with daily use which makes this an easy purchase when compared to standard pen vape batteries.

So good I got for a friend.

I have the black Pro-V and it works great. I ordered a blue one as a gift and the person is happy with it. The pre-heating is great and the device as a whole is great to use.


This battery is amazing so far. I get amazing vapor quality and great taste. Cannot wait to try more products.